first birthday almost here!

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Baby’s 1st Birthday is RIGHT around the corner. July 2nd. We’re having his big birthday party with family and friends on the 5th. I don’t have a theme, it’s not like he’s “into” anything. So I picked this plate and only bought one pack of them, trying to save money and all, which didn’t work out so well because I spent it else where anyway…. oops, my bad. I bought lime green cups, extra lime green plates, light blue forks and the darker blue napkins. That’s a great way to save on all that stuff, because does anybody really care what plate they have? No. I only wanted fun plates for pictures with baby, even though that wouldn’t actually matter either. But these have a big 1 on them and I really wanted that for his first birthday. See…. I’m justified! hehe I also bought a huge number 1 pinata. It’s a pull string pinata, I didn’t figure I needed 8 or so kids swinging bats, sticks, brooms and whatever else they may find, around. Just have to make sure I get a picture of baby pulling the string and getting into the pile first. We have to find a way to hang it also. I’m hoping a rope of some sort strung from my garage to my house will work. The pinata is filled with suckers, candy necklaces, lightning bugs, crackers and gummies. I tried finding something for everybody, hope it works out. I’m searching now for little pails for the kids to put their treats in. Which goes with my cake I’m making. Bucket of sand cake! How fun!! Bake a cake, tear it apart, layer it in a pail with (those cute little plastic ones that everybody has) pudding and then add fun gummies and snacks to make it all beachy and cute. My invites don’t match the lime green and blue colors I have going on in the plates, but do I care…. No. Here’s my invites I made and put them on magnet paper. Like? Hopefully the weather is nice as I planned on doing this all outside. Squeezing all of us into this house would be scary for sure. I’ll make sure the garage is cleaned out in case we have to hide in there due to weather. We bought baby a wagon and the Song and Story Learning Chair. His brother bought him a pool which he already set up because he couldn’t wait for his birthday. Baby doesn’t have much to do with it, he’s happier on the outside throwing things in and splashing with his hands. But his brother is sure having a blast laying in it and making waterfalls down the slide that’s in it and spraying water everywhere with the little palm tree sprayer.


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6 Responses to “first birthday almost here!”

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That sounds similar to what I did – bought a couple of themed plates, napkins & cups, then supplemented them with primary-colored items, which would coordinate with the cute “1” pattern on the other stuff.

I did our invites taking a picture, putting it on one of the online photo cards (Snapfish, Walmart online, Shutterfly, etc…), and putting the text in the personalization part. I did our thank you’s the same way – using a picture of him eating cake.

Love your invites and it is all about keeping it simple! (Little Dude has the Music & Numbers chair – the older version of the one you bought – and LOVES it, so I think your little guy will be pleased!)

RC: Ooooh the thank yous would be so cute with a pic from the party! Great idea!!

Oh I’m so glad he likes the chair. When looking for ideas we looked for things he could climb on and sit on. He’ll be standing on the chair more than likely and throwing things from it.

So, I’m not so resourceful. I bought tons of Curious George stuff (my hubby’s childhood favorite). My little boys room is monkey themed so it kinda fits with that too. I’m trying to hire a clown to paint faces and do balloon animals too. She wants $160 for an hour and a half, and I don’t think my hubby will let me spend (waste) money on that. I’m also trying to figure out what kind of food to serve and oh yeah, I want a pull pinata too. I’m a birthday party mess, but luckily I have until July 19 to figure it out. Ha ha! 🙂 HELP!

Oh that invitation is the cutest thing ever! I hope you saved a few not just for yourself but for his baby book someday.

Kristine: I saved on the plates and that misc, but I spent on the candy for the pinata since I bought big things I knew they’d like, not a bunch of little crap that they couldn’t/wouldn’t all eat. I’m not serving food, oh man that would get spending for me. Just my bucket of sand cake and ice cream. We’ll probably do something on his birthday with just family and BBQ or something fun. btw…. I’d LOVE to see pics of his room! I tried talking my oldest into Curious George for his birthday this year but I don’t think he knows him well enough.

motherofbun: Thank You! After MANY attempts I decided on this one. I ran out of magnet paper so I went and bought another pack to print one for me and his baby book. Kinda spendy invitations when I was complaining about the 3.50 for a pack I was going to buy. Oh well – these are super cuter!

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