why i should have stayed in bed today

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My morning started off good, I’m a morning person, I love morning time, I love waking up, I love everything about morning time, I loved (today) that baby had slept in his crib and when he woke at 4 am he went back to sleep in his crib after I was up with him for about half an hour instead of coming into bed with me, which meant I didn’t have to balance on the very edge of the bed like I have been doing for the past few nights. And then… the parents started showing up. That’s not the part that was bad. It was when one of the parents just kinda lost it. First she threw my cell phone holder across my living room while screaming at her oldest to leave her alone. Then her oldest went and sat on the sit and spin quietly and was playing nicely when his little brother decided he wanted it. He started screaming wanting his big brother to get off it and when he wouldn’t Mom grabbed him, THREW him aside and gave it to the little guy. Then when her oldest started crying because he had it first she kept yelling at him to shut up, knock it off, put that lip in or I’ll rip it off. HOLY SHIT MAN!! CHILL!! Then my baby had gone to play on the sit and spin, but he stands on it and pushes the music buttons on top, minding his own business when her youngest walks over pushes him backwards off it and she laughs! Are you freakin kidding me! Not only was I completely pissed off at her behavior but I was SO embarrassed as I had another parent sitting here. After he pushed my baby off I grabbed him and sat on the couch next to the other Mom and her little girl and tried to ignore the screaming and throwing going on below us. It was such an uncomfortable situation. After I got everybody settled down around here I called the Mom who had to witness that horror and apologized and told her I promise I’m not throwing things or scaring your kid during the day! She said she knows and it wasn’t my fault and to quit feeling so bad about it, but holy crap how could you not feel bad about that. I’d be thinking…. get the crazy lady out of the house before I leave my child here today! She was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do or say either. That’s why we tried to have our own conversation with our kids on the couch and out of the way of danger.

Then I was curling my hair this morning (this actually happened before all that craziness) and baby was playing under me in the bathroom in the drawers and I dropped the curling iron. Not wanting it to fall on him because he’d just reach out and grab it or it’d land on him and he wouldn’t know to move or whatever other horror you can imagine involving a baby and a HOT curling iron I grabbed it however I could. I now have this yucky mark on my chest. I trapped it against my body with my arm and it resulted in a yucky burn. Nice huh. It looks better on here than it does in real life.

Baby dropped my cell phone on my computer and broke one of the keys off. I need to get something little and push the little plastic piece back in, it’s on my laptop, and then try getting the key back on. Which… I’m not even sure how it goes on.

Last night I went down to do laundry and my water/washer is stinking again 😦 Damn thing. Every time we do something thinking we’ve fixed it, it’s good for a few days and then right back to stinking. I’m going to try tearing into it, you may hear me yelling “Dad! Help!”, and see if maybe some clothes got lost and are gross. I don’t know what it could be. My water doesn’t stink anywhere else in my house.

So far my smoke alarm I hung has stayed put! Hooray!! Next I’m going to try putting up a new light on the outside of the house. Dad said I should (keyword) be able to do it. Just take down the old one, hook up new wires and voila! We shall see I guess.

It’s actually a nice cool day here so I don’t have to run the air conditioner! That’s makes me VERY happy. It dries my eyes out so bad and the fresh air is needed with all these bodies in our tiny house.

I’ve been thinking about a way to spruce up my kitchen. It’s so dumpy, I think that’s a good word for it. It’s not dirty and gross, it’s just outdated and needs some major help. I thought about painting my cabinets, but I don’t know what color I’d like to make them look nice and not, well, painted and cheesy looking. I also thought about taking my upper cabinets down and putting my bracketless shelves in that I want so bad, that would really open it up. I could make it all modern and stuff. I’d have to pack all the food downstairs into the pantry but that wouldn’t bother me a bit. And that would give me a super good reason to buy my Buddha Bowls I want so bad because people would see them. As for my counters I need to think of a way to cover my lovely yellow/white laminate. I’ve thought about trying to tile over them or something. I just want to do something. Ideas? Something cool you’ve done if you have an older kitchen to help it until you can get a new one? Tell me your ideas!

Okay well I’m making this one really long post so I better quit rambling because if you made it this far after reading all my random thoughts… kudos to you! As for me… I’m going to find something to do. The kids are sleeping and the oldest is getting ready to go to swimming lessons, and freeze! HUGS TO ALL!


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I know I wasn’t there and didn’t see the situation, but I think I would be calling and reporting that mom. If she is that out-of-control at your house, I worry about what she is doing to her kids in her own house.

You saw it, so you know if it needs to be done, but just know you can report it anonymously…

Yeah, can you say crazy ass mom? I know we moms can get a little frazzeled, but to speak to your child in such a manner and to throw your child?!? IN FRONT of people? I can only imagine the behavior at home. Poor kids.

That burn looks nasty, I hope you heal fast!

I glanced at that burn before reading about it and thought it had something to do with a haircare product. They are torture devices, I tell ya.

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