baby’s new bedroom and bath time problems

Posted on 1 July 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I give. You want to sleep in the bathroom, then sleep in the bathroom. How long is this going to last though? Our bathroom is pretty little, so in a couple years you won’t be so comfortable. I promise you, your bed is more comfortable. Yes son, even more comfortable than Mommy and Daddy’s bed. Sorry, I can’t promise that. But look at your room, you get to sleep with your bear and moose and it’s painted so nice and all brand new. Come on, won’t that be fun?! Okay. Fine. Sleep in the bathroom again then.

The above is my talking to baby trying to get him to sleep in his crib and not on the bathroom floor. Guess that’s one way to keep my bathroom sparkly clean. I always know he’s going to want to sleep there so I clean it constantly. I need something that makes the same noise as my bathroom fan/heater. He was doing so good, he was even sleeping through the night for several nights in a row. And then out of nowhere the ONLY place he wants to sleep is in the bathroom with the fan/heater on. Good thing we have 2 bathrooms, since we’ve been kicked out of ours. We also cannot use our front door when he’s sleeping. It’s an old door and it’s squeaky and hard to open/close. He hears it and wakes up every time. I just have to hang a note, baby’s sleeping use back door.

Baby is also having a hard time with baths all of the sudden. He’s always LOVED baths. Now I put him in and he screams his head off. Last night was the first time in 3 days that he actually sat and played in the tub. Maybe something freaked him out and it’s passing already. Not so much fun to try washing a screaming baby who’s climbing out of the tub. And it’s even harder when you see that little face with tears streaming down his cheeks and he’s crying Momma Momma and his arms stretched out to me and his head tipped to one side. 😦 Awwwww

I started a huge to do list of everything I need/want to get done before baby’s party on Saturday. Things I need to do today, tomorrow, the next, etc. Today after baby wakes (because he’s sleeping still in the bathroom, he sleeps SOOOOO good in there) we’re loading into the bike to go run some errands. Taking 3 boys shopping is NOT something I recommend trying to do often. The only problem that may come with this is… I can already see my baby throwing my stuff out the back and I won’t be able to see him doing so. Great. Could be interesting. So I’m off to work on my to do list for today. HUGS TO ALL!!


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4 Responses to “baby’s new bedroom and bath time problems”

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I recommend buying a fan for his bedroom. It has worked for us…

We tried a fan numerous times when he was little and it never worked. Also tried the radio, static and I don’t know what else. We’ll try the fan again now that he’s older and see what it does. I need to find a really noisy box fan. You know those good old ones that shake and rattle and are super annoying. Maybe I’ll try that. Our bathroom fan, although brand new, is loud.

Maybe at one point in the tub he managed to get water up his nose? I hated that feeling as a kid, and well I still hate it.

Happy Birthday to your baby! It’s his birthday today, right?

We had a hard time with our little guy too. We used a radio (for static) for a while, then found something that did static, heartbeat, ocean waves and a few other annoying sounds. I gradually turned the volume lower and lower every day until finally he didn’t need it anymore.
But now he has two “soothers” in his crib. One is Rainforest and you push a button and it plays music and rainforest sounds and has lights and movement. The other is just music. My little guy will wake up in the middle of the night, turn the music on for BOTH things and lay down and go to sleep. Silly Boy!

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