how i spent my birthday

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745am I woke up. I was in the bathroom again. I like it there. I sleep with the fan on and curl up on a blanket on top of the bath mat. I walked out, found Mommy, took her hand and led her back to the bathroom to show her where I’d been sleeping. Yesterday I heard Mommy talking to the doctor about my sleeping in the bathroom and he said to try moving him a little ways away every night and see if we can’t get me away from the bathroom and fan and sleeping in my own bed. I have news for them, I’m not moving. Everybody has the bathroom downstairs, this is my room now. Sorry guys.

815am I decided I wanted some breakfast. I picked Lucky Charms today again. Mommy was busy updating my baby book while she sat with me eating. I ate ALL my marshmallows and then wanted down to play. Mommy said I need to eat ALL my cereal but I didn’t want to so I got mad and knocked most of it on the floor. hehe Then she’ll throw it away and I won’t have to eat it. I was free to play.

845am I got thirsty from eating and playing and stopped to rock with Mommy for a bit and drink a bottle. When I was done I showed everybody how I spin in circles now. I got a little dizzy and had to take a break on the couch.

900am I had birthday visitors! Gramma, Zia and big brother came to say happy birthday to me and play a little bit.

930am Went for a ride to the store to return the broken cell phone. Then back to Gramma and Papa’s to play in the fountain with Papa for a bit.

1115am Back to the bathroom I went. I was so tired. Nap time!

110pm Got woke up. ARG! All it takes to wake me up is somebody turning off the bathroom fan. Sometimes Mommy wonders if I’m actually sleeping really good or if the fan makes me stay asleep since when she shuts it off I wake up instantly. And did I tell you I got woke up to go to the doctor! ON my birthday! Geesh. Some people.

130pm Doctor’s appointment went well. I’m tall and skinny. I weigh 20 pounds and I’m in the 13th %tile for my weight and I’m 31 3/4″ tall and in the 95 %tile for my height. So that means in 3 months I gained 2 pounds and grew 2 1/4″. See I don’t know what Mommy’s talking about, she’s always telling me I need to eat more so I grow big and strong. I’m growing! I’m strong! She’s crazy.

300pm Oh no. Mommy and her camera. I wish she’d buy one that didn’t have a flash. I see spots all day after she’s been taking pictures. But guess what! Mommy forgot her camera! haha And she wore these awful high wedges to walk in the sand by the river! haha But it was okay she forgot her camera because I didn’t want to take pictures anyway so I did everything I could to not look at the camera. I didn’t ever smile either. But Mommy and big brother sure looked like dorks trying to make me laugh or smile. Uncle and big brother had their cameras so they used those. Not that they got any real good pictures of me. hehe

400pm Having a snack. Mandarin oranges. Mommy was begging me to eat more again. She sure drags out a lot of stuff when she’s trying to get me to eat. I usually pick one tiny thing or I eat nothing. Sometimes I feel bad that she goes through all that work, but I won’t let her know that. I’m a pretty picky eater which drives her crazy. I also got to open a birthday card. It was from Mommy’s doctor, the doctor who delivered me. That was nice of them. Mommy loved that doctor and nurse and receptionist. Then I wanted to play outside for a while.

430pm All that playing wore me out, I had to lay down in the living room under the fan on my blankie and drink a bottle. Sometimes the afternoon bottle is my alone time. It gets hot so I just like to cool off and relax. Mommy sure watches me a lot, she must think it’s cute that I’m laying on my blankie, rolling around, talking to myself and drinking my bottle. This cuteness thing works all the time for me. I tell ya. It’s great!

500pm Oh no! We have to go take MORE pictures. I’ll make Mommy freak out and fall asleep on the way. She’ll panic after driving all that way and now I’m sleeping. I’ll be tired and not want to take pictures and I’ll have crazy hair and lines on my face where I was laying on my blankie or carseat. She was worried but I cooperated a LITTLE bit better and I think they got some pictures of me. DANG! I’ll show you some I let them get.

This is how I sat a lot, then they couldn’t actually see me! haha But Mommy still thought the picture was cute! I was being naughty and not looking and she still likes it! She’s really weird.

Then I looked up at least, but I still wouldn’t smile. I drove her crazy. She was begging and flapping her arms and looking really dorky. I still didn’t laugh. Or smile. hehe

Once again. I’m NOT looking. hehe

I think I heard them say “just one more try”. I decided to give them a kinda smile but I still wouldn’t look at the camera.

I also let Mommy get this ONE picture of us together.

600pm Stopped at the store to pick up birthday supper, drinks and a small cake for me. Since Mommy isn’t making my dirt cake until Saturday. I got chicken for my birthday, well actually everybody else got it, I wouldn’t eat again. I ate a few bites of pasta salad and that was it. I played outside while everybody else ate. Then they brought out this cute little cake that somebody scribbled all over. I think that was Mommy. She won’t be adding cake decorator to her list of things she can do any time soon. Wanna see?

It’s okay, I had plans on demolishing it anyway. Wanna see?! It was so much fun!

One little taste.

Green hands?!

What a fine time to blow kisses!

They can never say I don’t share. I love to share.

Then I got to open my first birthday present! A wagon!! Just what I wanted!

I was making sure my big brother knew what he was doing.

Then I told him to wait just a minute. I had to get rid of my cookie. I gave it to Gramma to hold while I worked on my wagon.

See I helped! I brought them parts. And when it was all built my big brother pulled me all through the living room, kitchen and my bedroom. I had so much fun!

Big brother made me a bed in my wagon. Look I’m already pushed into the bathroom. A bed just the right size for my new room! How cool! It’s mobile too. In the morning Mommy can just pull it out and put it away for nap time.

I wasn’t quite ready for bed yet, so I pulled it back out to play some more.

Mommy said I had to take a bath which I made not so much fun. I hate baths nowadays. Mommy hasn’t figured out why and I’m not telling her. hehe She made me get in once and I got out and then she put me back it and made me get washed up. Then I ran right back out here…

My wagon was still waiting for me right where I left it!

I was so happy to see my wagon I laid down right away.

We learned that my big brother is 8 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 1 day older than me! That’s pretty neat!!

940pm Finally done for. I rocked to sleep with Mommy and then went to my crib, but I only stayed there for about an hour and a half. Then I made Mommy come get me and take me to the bathroom with the fan. I fell back to sleep instantly.

430am Awake again. Just seeing if everybody was here. Daddy made me a bottle and I went right back to sleep in my new room. So that’s how I spent my day and night on my 1st birthday! I had lots of fun!


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5 Responses to “how i spent my birthday”

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Too cute!!! Those nakie pictures will come in handy someday!!! hee hee hee

I’m just finding it so funny that he sleeps in the bathroom! Since becoming a mom, I’ve discovered that sometimes it is whatever works…

OH my gosh. Am gushing over his cuteness. Look at that little bitty butt in the air. That just makes me giggle. The bathroom sleeping is def something to tease him about someday — especially when he has girlfriends!

Looks like a great day with plenty of wonderful pictures. I especially love the last one. 🙂

I absolutely love this post!!!!!!

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