a new word and a whole new take on this bathroom issue

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I’m realizing how much it sucks to be without my laptop. I’m sorry laptop for every complaining that you were so slow. It’s dead. I mean really really dead. I have no contact with the outside world via internet during the day anymore. It’s almost 10 pm and this is my first opportunity to have some computer time. Come on… this is killin me! Anyway… is case you were wondering, that’s why I haven’t posted or commented or visited or anything else.

So baby knows a new word! Exciting and sad all at the same time. His new word is SCARY. A couple nights ago I was walking around with him and I was saying how I think he should sleep in his own bedroom in his crib with all his stuff when this thought went through my mind… “hmmm could it be that something scares him in here?” So I said to him that there’s nothing scary in his room and he pointed in there and said SCARY. I almost died. Or at least burst into tears. Could it be… IS there something scary in there. We walked around to everything pointing and saying what it was and showing him it wasn’t scary. But I can’t imagine he knows what scary means… so did he say scary because I said it, did he say scary because he knows what it is, was he just copying me and it just so happened to be he pointed into HIS bedroom? He also pointed onto the dark porch and said it was scary out there. We won’t tell him that I think it’s scary in there at night too, when I have to get up with him in the middle of the night and walk past that all glass door and wonder who’s out there, even though the door is locked. Yeah, okay, I’m a chicken, so what. So that’s my new dilemma, is he really scared or did he copy me and just so happen to point in there and repeat the word scary to many things in his room.

Today was actually the first day in I don’t know how many days that I got him to sleep in his crib. I was so excited. I thought maybe it was just a weird stage he went through for a few days. He had slept for about 45 minutes when he woke up screaming his bloody brains out. I went in, picked him up and like always said to him “what’s wrong baby” and I’ll be damned if he didn’t say “SCARY”. I don’t expect him to answer me when I ask what’s wrong. So imagine my shock when he not only answered me, but said Scary of all things!

So now what to do……

UPDATE: This morning we walked over to Gramma’s house to visit. She asked baby if he slept in his room and all he said back to her was scary. This is really freakin me out. I wouldn’t expect him to remember that even if he did copy me the other day. Would he?


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2 Responses to “a new word and a whole new take on this bathroom issue”

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Hmm… I think he just repeated the word at this stage. But, maybe his bedroom does make him nervous. Have you tried a fan, night-light and all the other standard items?

Ya, I don’t think 1 year olds can name emotions very well. I think he’s just copying what you said.

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