baby slept in his bedroom ALL night…

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… on the floor. But that’s better than the bathroom! Yesterday at nap time he was so tired I tried putting him in his crib and instantly he screamed his bloody brains out. So I grabbed a blanket to take to the bathroom with me, I’ve done SO much laundry, because after the blankets are on the bathroom floor I won’t let him use them again, even though I’ve been cleaning it like crazy knowing he’s sleeping there, I guess it’s just the thought, and he got down out of my arms and lay on his bedroom floor. Not only did he lay there to sleep but he fell asleep with a sippy cup which is very weird for him. It’s usually bottle or screaming. So, my Plan A was/is to continue trying to get him to sleep in his bedroom (obviously) and if we have to do the floor for a while at least I’ll know he’s not scared of his bedroom. Last night, the other part of my plan beings as I think he’s just not fond of being locked in his crib Mr. Independent!, we took the side of the crib off and made it a transitional bed. That way we can try getting him to sleep in there and still be able to get out when he wants. I’ll put blankets next to it or something in case he falls out but he’ll only be going the distance of the mattress so he’s not going to be hurt. I tried the crib last night and he started to fuss right away so I just let him sleep on the floor. So I guess this is his new bed for a while.


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14 Responses to “baby slept in his bedroom ALL night…”

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I think you are on to something. He just doesn’t like his crib, as he doesn’t like being confined…

Glad he is in his bedroom!

So, morning nap was a total failure. I tried laying him on the floor and he screamed his bloody brains out, tried the bed… screamed and by then he was so mad and worked up he didn’t even like the bathroom. Which I guess I was glad to know he’s not addicted to the bathroom fan anymore. It used to knock him out instantly. I’m so tired. Can I take a break from being a Mommy today? He’s such a great sleeper, just like ME! (Read: Sarcasm) I was a horrible sleeper too, I had to sleep WITH somebody. I’d lay across your tummy so you couldn’t leave me. haha

Wait a minute, I said haha at the end, cuz I giggled. But it’s not actually funny. I’m sorry Mom! Paybacks suck!

I wonder if he likes the hard floor over the soft mattress??

soooo, does he sleep all night?? What does he do when he gets up? Aubree would be into EVERYTHING if I left her out or took the side off her crib 🙂 How do you know when he’s awake, does he come get you first??

SC: I’ve thought about that too. I have no idea. He won’t tell me. 😦 lol

Beverly: Yeah Right! My kid sleep all night! Are you kidding me. He’s up 1 to 2 times still. USUALLY he goes back down easy….. usually. He stands up crying, sometimes he walks out, sometimes he stays in the bathroom (before), now his bedroom. One time hubby found him in the kitchen I think waiting for a bottle, haha, and I found him one time at the baby gate going downstairs. He usually just cries when he wakes up and is waiting for us. I’ve wondered often if I’ll wake up some night and find him playing toys or eating cheerios in the middle of the night. I’ll admit, that’d be pretty funny and cute. But I don’t want him to make a habit of it! ACK!

My boy still get’s up one to two times per night also. I used to rock him back to sleep or give him a bottle, but now I’m lazy and just bring him into bed with me. Usually he falls asleep immediately and I pick him up and put him back in his crib. Lately I’ve been getting too comfortable with him in bed with me, and I fall asleep next to him. We’ve been doing this for the past couple weeks, and now I think he wakes up crying just because he wants to get into bed with me. I think I have created a monster. So my advice to you is to not bring him into bed with you! Ha ha! But I would try moving him into his crib after he falls asleep in the bathroom. Keep doing it until he get’s used to his crib again. Or… you should check out the Rainforest soother. It attaches to his crib, lights up, plays music and rainforest sounds and has animals moving around in it. Maybe it will entertain him long enough to fall asleep in his crib? Don’t know if this link will work, but maybe copy and paste in your internet browser.

Kristine: I hate to tell you this, but I’m one step ahead of you. I already did the bringing him to bed with me thing 🙂 haha He doesn’t even want that anymore! Now who wouldn’t want to come sleep with Mommy! Weirdo. We have the Fishy Aquarium thingy. That does nothing for him. This kid DOES NOT fall asleep on his own. ARG. He stands up and turn it on, shut it off, turn it on, shut it off….. over and over. I tried the bear you cuddle that has the heartbeat. I tried a fan, static on the radio. Rocking him to sleep, keep on rocking for like half an hour after until he’s so asleep he’s a total rag doll. Still doesn’t work. I swear he has sensors at his door that when we walk through they wake him up. This is no joke. I should record it. I haven’t tried moving him out of the bathroom because the SECOND you shut the fan off (or in this case get him to far away from it) he wakes up. I should record this too. It’s horrible. Hit the switch and up he jumps. ACK!! I DO have a monster.

Um, yeah, I had the heartbeat bear too… what a waste of money that was! I wish I had more advice for you… I’ll keep thinking.

Kristine: Agree 100%. Waste of money. They are too little to cuddle it anyway! Why didn’t I think of that BEFORE I bought it. 😦

Did he ever sleep in his crib? Maybe he got caught in the bars one night/nap and it hurt, and now he remembers?

You know my philosophy on this one, lady. By any means necessary. If he sleeps on the floor? Great. If he sleeps in his crib? Wonderful.

Sorry this was a sucky day for you. I hope he sleeps well and is a perfect angel tomorrow! 🙂

Kait: Yes he slept in his crib all the time, I’ll have to look back to when we started putting him in there. He slept in the playpen bassinet for a while next to my bed. Crazy you say that…. he HAS gotten his leg stuck in the bars. In fact last night he kept sticking his leg in there and I’d tell him to get it out, he’ll get stuck and he’d do it again. Trust me, that’s my philosophy right now too, because I’m sooooooo tired. He slept in bed with me last night. I had about 2 inches of the bed to sleep on with some little feet in my belly and face. Kicked in the nose and mouth. Oh what a fun night.

Here’s my comment again: My advice is to take a break from the problem. Have a grandparent or daddy or another caretaker take care of him one day. That way you and he can get a break from the craziness. I used to have sleep problems with my oldest one and I had so much anxiety about it that by the time bedtime rolled around I was a mess. And I think he was too. They can feel when something is a problem and they react to it, too. If you were able to get a break for at least a day, I bet you will feel better and have time to step back from the situation and actually think and he will also get to do the same. Plus, you know how kids act differently with other caretakers. He will probably do great with them and maybe you can sort of start over. Does that make sense? You’ll feel so much better if you do:)

You’re nicer than me. I’d stick him in his crib and let him scream it out for a few days. 🙂

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