will he ever sleep “normally”

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I know there’s no normal sleep schedule, that’s why I put normally in quotes. And normally is one of those words that after you say it a few times it doesn’t sound like a word anymore. It just looks and sounds all kinds of wrong. I hate words like that. They freak me out because I begin to wonder if they really are words or if I made them up. I think to much, that’s my problem. Anyway… back to sleeping… I just don’t know how this kid functions all day. He just doesn’t sleep and when he is sleeping I often wonder if it’s actually good sleep. Or is he just all relaxed because the fan is on in the bathroom or he’s cuddled up in bed with Mommy and Daddy. I’m so frustrated. Every night is so different. He’s been ending up in bed with us so he’s been sleeping in a little bit later, which is good and bad. Good because he’s getting that much more sleep, bad because then he misses his morning nap and doesn’t want to sleep until 5 or 6 in the evening and then doesn’t want to go to bed until 11 at night. That’s a horrible schedule. And when I say he’s sleeping in, it’s until like 7:30. So imagine how crabby he is when he doesn’t nap ALL day. It’s killing me. Today I got him to take a 20 minute nap around 11 or so I think. He’s actually sleeping now which is totally amazing to me. Must be catching up with him. I’ve been keeping him on the go in the evenings hoping he’ll go to bed at a decent hour and not 11 pm. It worked a couple nights and then last night seemed to just backfire on me. He spent far too long awake last night and was exhausted this morning.

And deciding where he’s going to sleep is a life or death decision sometimes. Especially at 2 am when you’re standing there thinking… okay we’re in the bathroom and he’s sleeping so should I give in and let him sleep in here? No because I want to break that habit for good. Then I’m mad that I even brought him into the bathroom with the fan. So then I think about the crib (or what is actually a daybed now) and think well I would love to try it to get him used to that but he’ll wake for sure and then I have to start all over. So then I decide okay, maybe the floor in his room but what if he wakes when I try bending down and laying him down? Or maybe I should just take him to bed with me, at least we have a better chance of him sleeping all night then. We won’t get any sleep because we’ll have a head and feet in our backs or bellies all night but at least he’ll wake up happy. I know one thing… we need to figure something out and stay on the same page with each other. That doesn’t help matters any.

I’ve been totally beating myself up lately thinking about all the things I did when he was little (haha like he’s huge and super grown up now?!) and wondering what I could/should have done differently. Would he be a better sleeper or did I just get a bad sleeper from day 1 and there’s nothing I could have done about it. I know what kind of sleeper I was, so sometimes I just try convincing myself that it’s just him, he just doesn’t sleep well and to quit worrying about that just deal with each day as it comes. I just want him to get good sleep so he’s happy and not whiny.

Today was the first day I let my oldest venture to the store on his own. I, with my migraine headache, was desperate to try caffeine and Excedrin to see if it would help. I didn’t feel like packing up all the kids to go get a soda so I decided to let my son give it a try. He really does need to get out more and start experiencing life a little more. He was so excited that I was letting him go by himself. He took money and a bag with him, since he was just stopping at the soda machine outside the store, and off he went on his bike seriously with the biggest smile ever. It was one of those shit eating grins where he didn’t actually want to let me know how jacked he was. But I knew. He came back home and the machine had eaten the first bit of money he put in so then he had to use the rest to get my soda and didn’t have enough left for his own. So he told me how bummed he was that he didn’t get one. His plan of being super sad about that worked so he got to go back for another. He went to Gramma’s later and called asking to go again and get another soda. Ummm no, one soda a day is plenty (and in my opinion TOO much for a little guy, but it was a fun day) so you’ll have to wait for another day. Next thing I know, he’s headed to buy treats for Gramma, some black nibs and he bought himself some red nibs I think, along with some candy button things. So now he’s telling everybody if they need anything just let him know because he can go there now. It’s so funny. I imagine we’ll be thinking of things we “need” just to let him ride there every once in a while.

Any ideas on the sleep issue, I’m very open to suggestions. HUGS TO ALL!


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One Response to “will he ever sleep “normally””

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There is no normal, as you observed.

My thoughts are to put him to bed at 8:30/9 pm tonight. He may not like it, but he will deal with it. Have you or daddy go in and soothe him every so often.

When he gets up in the morning, do breakfast, and then insist on a nap at about 11:30/noon. Do the same things you did before.

The book that I’ve seen people using the most for sleeping, is called “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” The library probably has it. Or, look into the Ferber method of sleeping, which you can find all sorts of info on, online…

Good luck!

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