childhood memories and more sleep talk

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The other day my oldest was wrapping my two daycare boys (brothers, 5 and almost 2) up in a blanket and they were laying on the floor all cuddled up. The SECOND he started wrapping them up it sparked my memory and I was thinking about a game my Dad used to play with my brother and I. He’d wrap us up in blankets so we couldn’t see out and then drag us all over the house and when he stopped we’d have to try guessing where we were. We LOVED this game! And wouldn’t you know… I’m getting all teary eyed just thinking about it. So last night after talking about it, my oldest wanted me to do it to him. He got himself a blanket and laid down for me to wrap him up, or roll him up I guess. As I started to drag him away baby freaked out! Screaming bloody murder. No idea what scared him. Was it that he couldn’t see his brother, was it that I was dragging him or was it just a very large object moving on the ground and he didn’t quite know what to think of it even though he watched me roll his brother up. No idea, but I drug him around and then let him guess and then got him out so baby could see. We tried just sitting baby on the blanket and I was going to pull him around but he wanted NO part of this game. We even tried having big brother sit on the blanket and hold baby in his lap so he could see it was all okay. But not a chance. This kid wanted NOTHING to do with that blanket or that game. Someday he will. 🙂 Until then…. brother is going to have to play when baby isn’t watching. Not to mention… he’s getting so big and tall that he was hard to drag around and it was hard to make the corners to get him into rooms to trick him. Next time I’ll have to make him curl up into a ball in there.

Onto sleep talk… Last night I decided I was going to show baby who’s boss around here. He was exhausted, after only two 15-20 minute naps all day what kid wouldn’t be? So I got in the tub with him because I knew he wouldn’t stay in by himself, that’s just how it is when he’s tired. He got out wanted his bottle NOW and cuddled up with me to rock. After the first 6 ounces he seemed wide awake but super crabby so I thought maybe he was hungry. I tried getting him to eat a little bit, but he didn’t want much to do with that. So another bottle it was, this kid drinks so much before bed. So after another whole 6 ounces and him doing everything he can to keep his eyes open we headed for his bedroom. He’s going to have to learn to fall asleep without sucking on a bottle and without the bathroom fan. So I laid down by him and rubbed his back and talked to him trying to keep him calm and relaxed. It wasn’t working great, but he wasn’t screaming his head off either. He was fussy but every time he stood up to walk out of his room I laid him back down saying it was ni-night time and kissed him. I counted to see how many times this would take before he was wore out and gave in. I got to somewhere around 40. Now that my friends is patience and persistence. Daddy ended up in the bedroom laying on the floor with us too. It worked!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! Without too much stress or too many tears. That was at about 10ish I think, he slept until 3 when I got up with him again. He drank 4 ounces and I did the same thing with him. This time it only took a few times of laying him back down and he went back to sleep. I REALLY feel like I accomplished something last night. I hope I can keep this going. He did SO good! He woke at about 6:45 and was in a pretty decent mood and is now napping again.


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Good for little guy! 5 hours straight is good!! I have migraines too and hate them! Usually get around 1 a month, ad breast feeding I can’t take anything! They are evil!!!
The boys are growing up so fast!!!!

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