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I haven’t told you about my new toy yet. If there’s a lot of typos in this post, I apologize in advance. My new toy is very very tiny. But it’s so very cute and I love it. In fact last night as I lay on the couch trying to sleep I drug out my new friend to entertain me for a while.

My new toy is an Eee PC, it’s pure white and it’s gorgeous. It matches my Zune and Flip. And it fits in my purse! How fun is that. Not that I have lots of places to take it to. I don’t have any friends with wireless and we don’t have any Starbucks to run off too. But I can play at home and at my parents. Not to mention this is my very first time actually experiencing what a real laptop is like and how lovely wireless is. My old laptop had to be plugged in all the time to work so I could never be anywhere besides standing at the counter with it. I shouldn’t tell anyone that the first thing I did after taking it out of the box was put it in my purse to see how she fit. What a geek huh!?

If you’re wondering why I went with something so tiny, it’s because when my laptop died I was lost, I mean really really lost. How would I survive without a computer right here at my fingertips all day. Knowing the laptop I wanted was in the thousand dollar range I couldn’t run right out and buy it. That’s when my brother introduced me to the Eee PC. I was like… are you kidding me?! How do you see the screen, how do you type, what’s it have!? But seriously this little 2GB beauty for 300 bucks was totally worth it. And I’m already typing better on it. Not full speed, but okay enough. The screen is little, but for just browsing the Internet, it’s not bad at all. And it has Linux on it. I’ve wanted to try it since that’s ALL my brother talks about 🙂 hehe He really does like it and so far it’s all good for me. Although you could have given me ANYTHING right now and I would have just been happy to have the Internet back up here.

So that’s my new toy and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a fun small second computer. You won’t be using this as your primary computer, that’s for sure. I’ll get a pic soon. It really is cute.


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5 Responses to “my new toy”

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Okay, now I’m totally jealous, as you know what a little tech geek I am. My laptop has serious issues, and this may do the trick to allow me to do what I need, while keeping my laptop as the backup storage and such.

Plus the Hubby is sick of my hijacking the main computer (technically his computer).

I really wasn’t looking forward to plunking down a grand to get another laptop, my ASUS handheld is great for mobile Wi-Fi, but is still a mobile unit – not a full screen, and since this is also an ASUS and I’ve been impressed, it may be a thought.

We don’t have the $$ now, but I may have to look into this more. Enjoy! (I love my ASUS, I hope you love your ASUS, too!)

OK, so at first I thought you were talking about something else…awkward.

After I figured if out however, I’m glad you like it 🙂 I was a little worried you would hate it because of how small it was (not that I cared, because that means I would have gotten it ;). Hopefully typing gets easier for ya too.

Oh, and the fact that I came home and got you and xxxxxx using Linux…that’s a good vacation to me!

I had the same exact thought. I was laughing my butt off typing that because I wondered how many people would think that. I left it just because it was too funny to erase.

I’ve never heard of the Eee PC before. Sounds cool though… I’ll have to check it out. I’m on my Apple iTouch right now. It’s basically the iPhone without the phone part. I love it for wireless Internet though! But same problem… it only works at my house or Starbucks! Glad you’re back online!

Hehehe, what minds in gutters we at home with babies have…….
Where in the world did you get that for 300 bucks???

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