i was eavesdropping today

Posted on 21 July 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

and heard a man talking to the checker at the grocery store. He was there with 3 little kids, two older like around 5 and one baby, who were extremely well behaved. She commented on him being out with the kids and giving Mom a break. He said he does that often but this time it was just him and the kids because Mom was out of town for the week. She then commented on how well behaved they were and she was glad to see a Dad out with the kids and them being so good. He said, well it didn’t happen over night. It was hard work and lots of parenting. We always work together. I almost dropped what I was doing to hug the guy!! So whoever that man was, I say KUDOS to him!! Parenting IS hard work and it’s very hard to find someone with similar parenting ideas and work together on those ideas.


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2 Responses to “i was eavesdropping today”

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I’m glad that there are still parents out there willing to realize it is hard work – and you have to work at it, and not “be the friend” to your child, but the parent. It is tough sometimes, but we are the ones shaping these little people to be productive, well-adjusted members of society. We want them to succeed and hard work is involved to give them the tools to do so!

Kudos to that dad!

WOW! Definitely kudos to him!

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