rashy baby

Posted on 25 July 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Ah poor little man has developed a rash. It’s weird the way it’s working right now. I spotted it last night and it was just a few red spots on his tummy and back. Last night before bed (during bath I guess) there were a few more that started showing. He wasn’t showing any signs of discomfort. It wasn’t hot in our house. He got his shots 10 days ago so I’m guessing (hoping) it has nothing to do with those. I would think that would have showed up sooner. So today there are WAY more spots, covering his tummy, back and starting down his arms and legs. Some are starting to cluster. Some have the red dot in the middle and the redness is spreading out from that. Talked to the nurse and she said to try Benadryl first so that’s what we are trying now. Just got the first dose a few minutes ago. So we’ll see what happens.

I was trying to think of anything out of the ordinary and Daddy came up with something… peanut butter m & m. I bought a bag the other day and the kid loves them (along with Mommy). But… maybe just maybe… could it be… peanut butter doesn’t like him, nuts don’t like him? Pluckymama?? You have experience.


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5 Responses to “rashy baby”

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YIKES!! for 1…STOP GIVING HIM PBUTTER!!! Until he’s at LEAST two!! Ack!

If the Benedryl doesn’t help then it wouldn’t be an allergy. He hasn’t had a high fever lately?? That would be roseola. Other than that I’d go see your doc if it keeps spreading. If his lips swell, he starts coughing like he has trouble breathing then call 911 right away.

Keep peanuts, nuts, shellfish away from that boy for a while…I beg of thee!! Don’t feel bad though…:) My 1 year old is playing on the stairs with my curling iron in his hand…

Oh and…did you change anything…new cleaners? New laundry soap? New kind of sheets? New soap? New diapers? New wipes? New lotion? New fabric softener? Is hubby wearing new cologne or are either of you using new beauty products on yourself? You get the point.

kiss kiss

What Informal Matriarch said re: watching for swelling of the lips, coughing, etc, and start looking at everything he has touched/eaten in the recent past.

Rashes/hives commonly hit the stomach and back area first, in young children, so keep an eye on them, and if they spread much more, you really should take him into the doctor.

Benadryl is a good start, though…

As for the M&Ms, one other thought would be the food coloring used in them – specifically red food coloring. That is a common allergy, as well.

We just got over the whole Hand, Foot & Mouth thing here, but that seemed to start with a high fever and then progressed to the rash on the legs, with the blisters on the hands, feet and in the mouth, so it isn’t that.

Good luck! Keep us updated.

No fever and nothing new besides the M&Ms for food and nothing has changed around here. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all. Not itchy or anything. Thanks lady. **Hugs pluckymama** Hopefully I won’t be having a major discussion with you later about allergies.

Thanks RC, I’ll keep updated.

We were told to introduce peanut butter BEFORE two, because a 1 year old is more likely to have a skin reaction rather than just go straight into anafalactic (sp?) shock. From what I’ve heard, though, everyone has a different opinion, and even the medical community can’t seem to agree on when to introduce things to babies.

It could be the shots – things can take up to 45 days to present. If the benadryl doesn’t clear it up, make sure to call the nurse again.

Was he playing outside much? In a kiddy pool at all?

I hope it clears up soon – rashes suck.

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