home sweet home

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It’s so great to be home. Eastern Montana never looked so good. We were a little over half way across the state. What would have been about a 6 hour drive took us about 9 hours. We stopped at parks, rest areas and gas stations so baby would have many breaks and not have to sit so long. It worked out nicely. He only had a few meltdowns where he was crying just wanting out of his seat. It was good for everybody to get out for a while, get some fresh air, stretch and have a snack.

The first night we just chilled at hubby’s parents house. I have met his parents and a couple other family members (aunt and cousins) but not the rest of the family. And wouldn’t you know, I got thrown into the mix and he got sent off to cook. Fabulous. I didn’t like that situation but oh well. I’m not a jump into the crowd kinda person. I don’t like crowds. And what did he cook… RIBS. YUCK! I stole some of baby’s supper that he didn’t eat that night. hehe

Day two… Went to a park on the river, fed some fish, played on some playground equipment and took pictures. Baby took a nasty fall on that playground equipment and has a lovely bruise on his little cheek from that. Did a little shopping after that and then back to the house for some BBQ. And more family to meet. UGGG… It’s always fun meeting more and more people huh. I’ll be lucky to remember half of them. It’s a pretty big family. We made a late night trip to Walmart too. That was loads of fun. We’ve not had the chance to drive 5 minutes and be at Walmart! That was crazy. We normally drive 45 minutes into another town, another state! 🙂

Day three… Shopping day at the mall for a while. And then on to the Montana State Fair. Which was just another fair. Fun times. (Read: Sarcasm) The excitement… having my son stuck at the top of the ferris wheel after a cable snapped! Watching the guy climb the ferris wheel and not know what to do with the cable was interesting. He just looped it around something else and tied it the best he could, it’s a big thick cable, not exactly meant to be TIED!

Day four… HOME! Another drive. Went a little faster than the way there. Both boys slept a bit more so we didn’t have to stop as much. The one MAJOR meltdown from both boys luckily occurred about 1/2 hour out of a town so we only had to deal with that for about 30 minutes. Thank goodness. We got video of that one. Two boys screaming at the top of their lungs… so much fun.

I luckily, as you know already, was able to “borrow” someones wireless for the time away. I wouldn’t have survived without it. That’s why every motel we passed I was ready to check in. I wanted to stay in a motel anyway, but gave in to staying at the house. That was not easy. Baby doesn’t sleep well as it is, nor does he go to sleep with noise. So imagine being in a house with 19+ people and trying to get a baby to go to sleep. So not fun. We were definitely glad to be home to our comfy bed. My back feels oh so much better today. What an expensive gas bill too! GEESH! How the heck is anybody supposed to go anywhere?!

So that’s the parts of the trip I will tell on here. Sounds like tons o fun eh?! I have tons of laundry to do and a house to clean. It just needs cleaning it seems after being gone. I want a fresh house to come back to. So I’m out.

I was thinking about starting my cleanse when we got back, BUT… the fair is here also and I can’t miss the corn dogs, shaved ice and lemonade so it’s going to have to wait just a few more days.



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