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Last night I was sitting with baby trying to get him to go to sleep. I was sitting on the floor with my legs stretched out and he was sitting on my legs facing me. He’d lay his head on my chest for a couple seconds and then pop back up and smile at me and then lay back down and pop back up. It was super cute. Anyway… he started popping up and slapping me in the chest, which wasn’t super cute. When he did that, I’d slap his hand and he’d laugh at me. Ugggg… I’m so torn between slapping his hand and not slapping his hand. I’m trying to teach him NOT to slap me, so I slap him?! AH, I don’t know what to do with him. Anyway, it took only two times of me slapping his hand and him laughing before he slapped his OWN hand! OH NO!! He’s lay on my chest, cuddle in, pop up, smile, slap me, slap his own hand, giggle (his weird fake giggle – i must get video somehow) and then cuddle back in. It’s so cute and so naughty all at the same time. It’s like I wanted him to quit because he was no being nice, but it was so cute I wanted to watch him.

He also had quite the time going to sleep last night. I tried everything, rocking, walking, cuddling, laying in his bed, laying in our bed, having another bottle. He just wasn’t giving in. So I laid him in our bed and said it was ni-night time and left the room. Next thing I heard was the mini-blinds going up and down. So I walked around the corner and the second he saw me he threw himself onto the bed, bouncing a couple times and and I said Momma said it’s ni-night time. He laid his head on my pillow and closed his eyes! Just like that! Why can’t it always be that easy.So it was another night of cuddling in our bed. We just go from one bad habit to another around here. First the bathroom, then the floor, now our bed. At least he grows out of them fairly quickly. However… I see this one lasting longer, it’s addicting and he’s older and knows more what’s going on. I could be in major trouble. I guess I need to let him fall asleep there and at least carry him to his own room. Maybe try that for a while. It is nice to have someone to cuddle though… hmmm… maybe it’s a harder habit for Momma to break? 🙂



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2 Responses to “copy cat”

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Next time you could hold his hand down against your chest, so he can’t slap you. That might be more effective (ie. won’t seem so much like a game – or at least a better game).

I have a hard time with the hand slap as well. It has worked well for some things, but doesn’t work for others. I don’t know what the deal with that is. Plus, what do you do once a hand slap isn’t enough? I don’t think I want to be a spanker unless the situation REALLY calls for something serious.

Your little guy is pretty bright. Maybe you could say “don’t hit mama” and hold his hand still, or tell him “pets only” and use his hand to stroke you instead. ::shrugs::

Kitten has a tooth. Her first one, showed up yesterday. I couldn’t believe it!!

I am torn on the slapping thing, too. Little Dude is in the hitting stage (and he just started biting, too – UGH!), and am I teaching him to hit if I slap him gently on the wrist and say no hitting?

We are trying to do the time-out thing, here, or will walk away from him if he hits. No good answer though, and it is still a battle. The word “no,” only seems to make it worse.

Good luck!

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