day 1 of cleanse recap

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Day 1 started out hard. It made it worse having to feed the little ones. Cutting them yummy fruit and baking them lunch about killed me. But then after lunch, everything was MUCH easier.

The drink isn’t something to rave about, but it’s not gross either. Next time I’m not putting as much cayenne in. I don’t like the big kick, nor the weird burning I feel at the back of my throat. My voice is weird since I started this. One minute I’m fine and the next I’m all crackly and having to clear my throat a bajillion times before I can talk normal again.

I’d say right now, the only thing I actually miss is my cereal. I’m such a cereal whore. I eat cereal two to three times a day and I don’t really eat much else, except a few snacky things with the kids such as fruit and crackers. With my stomach issues it’s just easier that way.

I lost 1.5 pounds during day 1. Although as a note to Kristine. I am not doing this to lose weight. 🙂

Job talk: The job is mine, heck the job was mine before I even showed up. Small town life. Everybody knows you. Everything makes so much more sense now. I kept seeing my name on schedules and notes and such and I couldn’t think of anybody that worked there with my name. Now I know why. I was on the schedule for the next two weeks before they’d even told me they wanted to hire me. Pretty sure of themselves eh. But I threw a kink in their plan when I said we needed to talk wages first. She panicked for a moment and asked if that would change things and I said yeah it might. I have a right to know my wage and accept it or decline it. I got them up 50 cents. Go me.

Then I had to make an embarrassing call. I thought I would be good to go starting today. Problem was, I forgot hubby was gone all weekend for archery stuff. So I had to tell them I couldn’t start this weekend. Now… I WAS super embarrassed telling them that, BUT at the same time I was thinking… you guys had me scheduled for weeks before you knew if I’d even say yes! So that’s kinda weird. Anyway… they were totally great about it and I’ll start next weekend.

They also asked if there was somebody else who could watch my son. Oh how I wish! If that were the case I’d be working full time somewhere else. 🙂 I explained to her about him being a Momma’s boy and I hope she understood. It’s NOT an excuse I’m making, it’s the truth. I really do wish he’d stay somewhere. I really do wish he’d learn to fall asleep with anybody. He’s just a turd that way. I can’t help it.

So that’s that. I need to go find many things to busy myself so I’m not tempted to dig in the cereal cupboard. HUGS TO ALL!


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2 Responses to “day 1 of cleanse recap”

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Ya feeding other people is the WORST!! Stick with it baby!!

The crackly throat is mucous breaking up…u must have a bunch 🙂 Perhaps from eating only cereal ever lol.

Congrats on the new job! 🙂 And you know how I feel about the 1.5 pounds, ha ha ha!

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