day 2 recap

Posted on 10 August 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

One more day down and now I’m already through half the third day too. The weekends are harder because there’s a little more down time without all the kids here. I’m glad I started on a weekday (Friday) because I had the kids to keep me busier. I have tons of house work that could be keeping me busy right now, but Mr. Hands won’t let me scrub the bathroom without thinking he needs to be in there. And he just doesn’t need to be in there “helping” scrub with cleaner.

I lost another pound and a half during day two. I have booty to lose 🙂 My luck though… my boobs will just shrink some more. Then I’ll pout and cry and pitch a fit.

Cooking baby some pasta. I taught him that word just the other day, although it sounds like paba.

Sorry I don’t have much to recap. It’s going well, I pee all the time, the drink it’s bad and I miss my cereal and I’ve lost 3 pounds since I started. So that’s all I have. I haven’t had anything crazy happen. I do NOT miss feeling bloated all the time. Maybe my body needs some downtime once a month. Or maybe do the once a week thing. We’ll have to see. I do feel a little weak but at the same time I feel amazing so that’s kinda weird.



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3 Responses to “day 2 recap”

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Can I ask why you decided to do the cleanse?

(BTW – Good luck at your new job next weekend!)

I’ve just wanted to do one for years. Just never took the time and found the determination to do so. Curiosity. Is that a good answer? hehe Losing a few pounds off my booty won’t hurt none either.

I’m curious, and as someone that has struggled with weight since college, I should try it. I’m just not so certain yet. I’ll continue on with my modified South Beach plan for now, and see how that goes.

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