day 3 recap

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I cheated. I admit it. I stole a couple grapes from my son. And wow were they good. No cheating today. I promise.

Today was the first 5:00 am morning to get up to go walking. Man… when that alarm went off I about threw that phone across the room. I was sure I’d JUST gone to bed. But, I was wrong, it was time to go. And it was great. It was the perfect morning for a walk. That is until my friend decided we should turn left instead of right and we walked down a dirt road next to the irrigation canal and a bunch of fields, which meant MOSQUITO’S!! A deer even came running out of the trees right in front of us. So cool to see up close and personal. Alive. 🙂

Had quite the night with little guy. He decides he’s so thirsty at night time. How much did/do your little ones drink at night before bed. Last night was just like any other. He drank 22 ounces!! Can you even believe that?! Although last night after drinking all that and playing and snacking on grapes and such….. he lost it all 😦 What a mess. I imagine if he was feeling full he felt better after that. Judging from him laughing after getting cleaned up, I think he felt better. He went to sleep not too long after that.

This morning he realized I wasn’t in bed with him anymore and had crawled to the end of the my bed and was looking out. LUCKILY I had JUST gotten back and was folding some laundry. It was 6 am, much too early for him to wake up. So I hurried and crawled back into bed with him and he snuggled right in. He was obviously worried I’d leave again so he’d snuggle right up to me and then flip over, pop his little head up and smile at me, then flip back around and snuggle back in. It only took a half a dozen times of this before he fell back to sleep. So hopefully he’ll wake more rested this next time he wakes.

Today starts day 4 of the cleanse. Almost there. I promise no cheating today.


UPDATE: I only lost 1.2 pounds during day 3.


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5 Responses to “day 3 recap”

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Wow! 22 ounces? My little guy eats dinner at 6:00 p.m., then has a 7 ounce bottle at 7:30 p.m. and is in bed at 8 p.m. He’s been so good sleeping too. I think for the past week or so he’s slept through the night… in his crib! The most milk we have ever given him at one time is 7 ounces. Hmmm… he only get’s about 32 ounces in an entire day!

Isn’t that crazy!! I don’t know where he puts it all, although last night he obviously ran outta room in there! Poor kiddo. He had eaten good yesterday too, actually ate lots of breakfast (for him that’s huge), lunch and a tiny bit of supper. I don’t know why he drinks so much at night. Although I think part of it is, he’s a turd and uses his bottle to go to sleep (horrible habit, wish i could fix it, don’t know how) and takes forever to go to sleep. Worried I’ll leave him. Maybe some night I should wait until the last minute when he’s tired and cranky and lay in bed with him with a bottle and see if he’ll go to sleep with ONE bottle and not FOUR!! There’s a new plan to try….

not to mention… you know how fast milk goes around here!! with him drinking like that and me eating cereal 2-3 times a day! oofta.

Little Dude has a mix of soy milk, with a touch of formula, at night – about 8-9 oz. He snacks and drinks water all day, though…

I sent you an email 🙂

NO CHEATING!! If you do that on like day 5 you’re going to hurt yourself missy!

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