day 4 recap

Posted on 12 August 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Not much to recap. It went well. I lost nothing. My dear Leah said “NO CHEATING”. I only have today left, that’ll be no biggie. I actually want to do this more often now. Curiosity to see what COULD happen. She just told me this lovely story about an onion sort of thing. Ooooh I’d love to see.

Last night my thought of only giving baby a bottle when it’s BEDTIME worked. Although it meant Daddy had to lay in bed with him with the bottle and let him fall asleep that way. I then moved him to his playpen. And then woke this morning to a head in my stomach. I don’t remember him coming to bed with us. I’m really thinking that boy needs to cry in the playpen and learn that he can cuddle Momma and Daddy lots, but when it’s bedtime he needs to go ni-night. I can handle the crying, I think it gets to Daddy a little more. What a hard ass I can be.

I was up at 5 am again to walk. Remember my friend who wanted to start this. She’s already pussin out on me!! It’s only been two days!! Whatever. I’m kinda upset, but I guess I’m just more motivated than her. But I tell ya what… the next time she complains about weight I’m going to let loose.

This brings me to this point… she wanted me to join the fitness center here in town with her. One… I couldn’t afford it. Two… I knew something similar to this would happen with that too. You know how pissed I’d be if I spent the money to join and then she only went two days and wanted to quit. I’m tight with my money and don’t want to spend it unless i know it’s going to be used wisely. And wasting it on someone who’s not going to stick with something is NOT spending it wisely. Glad I stuck to my guns on that decision and didn’t give in to her. Love her dearly, but that would have upset me BAD.

Little guy has been so lovely this morning, well aside from the whining anyway. He’s been going through all the names he knows all morning, we’ve spent many minutes looking at the pictures. He repeatedly said Gramma, Grandpa, Papa, Momma, Daddy and Brother. Although Brother is still his favorite and favorite word. Man that kid can make this kid laugh! It’s awesome watching them.



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Just keep walking! If the Hubby didn’t leave the house by 5 am, I would totally go walking in the morning before he left. Otherwise I have Little Dude to take care of, so it doesn’t happen.

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