scary morning

Posted on 14 August 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

This morning a parent should have had a horrible scare. Instead, they had NO idea what was going on. I found their 2 year old in our front porch. After showering I thought I heard a noise in our backyard but when I went to the back door and looked there was nothing/nobody there. I went back into the kitchen and a bit later saw the little boy come walking around the corner. I watched him for a second because it’s not abnormal that he’s walking around our house.

Usually his Mom goes outside to smoke and he wanders around, usually ending up at our house. I usually try to ignore it, but it really does irritate me because he climbs on the swingset and I’m just waiting for the day he falls on OUR property. Scary. Anyway… there have been times that he comes over here and takes our toys back to his house and I’ll see his Mom later carrying them all back. I’m usually good about putting everything in the garage, but lately I’ve been busy and forgotten to put everything away.

Once he got into the porch he was trying to get inside but the door was locked so he was just looking in. I opened the door and he was all excited and wanted me to pick him up. I did and that kid was FREEZING cold. He just shook in my arms. All he had on was a terribly full diaper. It’s cold here in the mornings now. Cold enough that I’ve put on sweats and a long sleeve shirts some mornings.

I asked him where Mom was, he didn’t know. Asked him where Dad was, he didn’t know. Asked him if they were outside and he said No. Great. So now I have their kid and no idea where the parents are. I guess I should have just called over to their house 2 houses away, but I decided to just walk over. Nobody was around. I knocked and hollered and nobody answered. So… now what. I waited for a long time before I decided to set him down and told him to go find Mama. He headed downstairs so he must have listened. I haven’t seen anybody all day now. I keep peeking outside hoping I’ll catch her outside smoking and let her know he was out and about this morning alone.

When I told my hubby about it he said the little boy on the corner was out all alone too! What is going on today! I’d be a total basket case if I found out my kid was out and going into someone else’s’ house in nothing but a diaper at like 7 am. There was also a huge dog that I think scared the crap outta the little guy because he kept pointing outside saying something that sounded like doggie.



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3 Responses to “scary morning”

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If I were you, I would keep you eyes open for the little boy. You may have to eventually call your child protective services, if this keeps happening, as that would be considered neglect. Especially at 2, and wandering outside alone.

That just makes me want to cry.

I’ve heard of some kids doing this while mom and dad were still sleeping, and it could just have been a fluke – he got out when he shouldn’t have – so I would let them know and give her a chance to react, first. They may need to put hooks on their doors.

But watch out for him. If nobody else does, you may be one of the few people who cares. (Sad, but true.)

holy crap!!! How did he get back to his mom?? You just let him back in his house?? That’s so scary. I’d call child services if it happens again.

poor little guy

I would have heart attack if I knew my little one was wondering around.

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