debit or credit? cash back?

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Hello. How are you? Did you find everything okay? *general chit chat* Is that debit or credit? Green button. Cash back? Green button again.

That’s me. ALL day yesterday. I survived day one of work. And besides dealing with the drunks and the jerks who vent about how Walmart is soooo cheaper, it was a good day. It was nice to be out and talking with someone over the age of 5 or 9. Adult conversation. I was beginning to think people just didn’t have that anymore unless they were online.

We also had this little carnival thing going on at the store yesterday. Had a castle jumping thing, a dunking booth (which a couple of the guys tried telling me that is was standard to have a dunking booth for a person’s first day and I was going to be the dunkee. Is that a word!? haha), Oreo stacking, duck picking, pie eating contest, treasure hunt in the store plus food and prizes. Fun day to start at least. Made it really busy though, so there wasn’t time to train much. I just kinda got thrown in, but I’ve been there enough times to watch. It’s not that hard to drag stuff across the scanner 🙂 And I’ve had the credit or debit talk hundreds of times, I was just always on the other side. haha

The major learning comes with doing Western Union, money orders, Lotto tickets (which I absolutely HATE given my love (read: sarcasm) for gambling), renting carpet cleaners out and dealing with other non-food stuff. I got thrown into the customer service area right away so I have to learn it all. Guess they just knew I was smart. Remember my sticky note I applied on, well I saw it the other day and the lady who had me write on that sticky note had written across the bottom **HIRE her. I vouch for her.** That was sweet of her I thought.

Some of those ladies there fight and get so pissed over the littlest things. Like taking breaks, if they are scheduled for break at 10 am, they damn well better be on break at 10 am and if they aren’t holy crap… shit hits the fan! And sometimes it was like HELLO you are checking someone out right now! Quit acting like that in front of them. How embarrassing. But I’m guessing it was me being embarrassed for them.

Sorry I’m going back to the carnival thing. My oldest son was the ONLY one to follow directions!! Go him!! My co-worker who was in charge of the treasure hunt kept telling me that she was so proud of him and he’s the only one who followed her directions and didn’t cheat and just run around grabbing clues. Instead he read each one and went to the next one. She had to start kids over twice because they wouldn’t follow directions and were just running like crazy to grab clues. And then they couldn’t figure out why they never found the end. DUH.

And they all went in the castle jumping area. Even baby! He loved it! They came inside to tell me the boys were in there and let me go outside to see them for a minute. That was one of those hold back the tears moments because I was missing out on my kids having fun because I’m working another job now.

So that was my first day in a nutshell. I’m back today, all day again. More training if there’s time. Otherwise I’m going to be thrown back in again. At least I’m a self-motivated person who doesn’t mind. 🙂 I’m a hands on person to so it’s actually easier to let me do it. I can’t learn by standing there watching you do it. The lady who was training me yesterday couldn’t believe that I just jumped right in, she was so nervous and flustered and I was just working away. She kept saying “You’re supposed to be nervous. Why aren’t you nervous? Why am I the nervous one?” She was funny and nervous. haha

I’ll let you know what I think of day two later.



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Hope this continues to work out for you, and that catty thing with some of your coworkers? That happens everywhere, sadly.

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