day two of work

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Day two of work is done, so my first weekend is done and so is my training. ACK! haha That means they’re throwing me out on my own. Gosh I hope I remember how to do the odd little things like count my till CORRECTLY according to who is working. So frustrating… already. Yesterday the lady who was training kept saying okay if so and so is working, then you need to do this like this, BUT if so and so is working then you need to do it like this. Are you freakin kiddin me. Can’t we just all do it the same and be happy. No. Okay, sorry for asking. 🙂

I already found two regulars annoying. They walk in the door and hold up one finger, two fingers, whatever and that’s letting you know how many packs of cigarettes they want. Get your ass in line jerkmo and when it’s your turn I’ll get them. But right now I’m with somebody else. That irritates me. So that’ll take some getting used to.

And I MUST tell you about this one girl that works there. Wow, wow and wow!! First of all she talks NONSTOP! I’m not exaggerating. Then she constantly wants people looking at her tongue ring and I’m sorry if I’m with a customer and I got you standing there with your tongue hanging out, that’s just gross and rude. AND… I really don’t care that you had sex with your boyfriend last night or that your going for a ride on the motorcycle and you plan to have sex on that too. THE CUSTOMER DOESN’T APPEAR TO CARE EITHER FROM THE LOOK OF HORROR ON THEIR FACE! mmmmkay. And this is going to sound really mean… but I don’t even know how she does that whole motorcycle thing… she’s a very large girl. Then she went on to tell how she’s done “it” on the back of horses (poor horses) or 4-wheelers or on top of cars or…. etc. The list went on and on.

So aside from that, I actually really like my job. It’s been fun being out and having a “break”. I’m not sure I even call it that, it’s definitely not a break. I’m getting out of the house, but I still have to work my ass off. So whatever. At least I’m out and talking to people and getting a good laugh sometimes. And making up the extra cash we need. Phew.

I learned quickly how to send Western Union. All these guys working here and sending money back to their wives or families. I had one guy yesterday who came in and handed me a Western Union slip and then started laughing, I said right away “AGAIN!” He remembered from the day before that I was training and he was one of the first I’d done. So he was just giving me crap that I’d have to send another one. They know how much it takes to get that done there sometimes. But most of them are really super nice when they come in.


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Those type of customers always used to annoy me, too. Or back in the days of working in food, they wouldn’t answer me when I’d ask what they want – they would sit there with a smile on their faces, expecting me to remember what they want from the last time they were there.

Now a few regulars I can remember, but annoying ones need not take up brain space.

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