had to involve the police finally

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Sunday morning after getting ready for work I was sitting at the table when I heard my neighbor’s dogs going crazy. I looked out the kitchen window and saw my other neighbor’s little boy standing at the fence with his neighbor’s dog and they had the other dogs going crazy. I tore to the back door, grabbed my shoes and headed around the house. Now not only had he gotten out, but this meant he’d been out in the street too!!

Yes, this is the same little boy who I found in my porch and delivered home just the other day. And the same little boy who was found by their neighbor and the neighbor across the street all this last week.

When I stepped out my back door I found his diaper, completely full and laying on the ground. The dog later hauled off with that somewhere and later I saw his Mom pick it up and take it home.

The neighbor who’s yard the little boy was in stepped out her back door just as I got across the street. She asked who’s little boy it was and said she had seen him playing in the street earlier. Great… so she saw him and didn’t go get him. Uggg….. he could have been hit so easily!

I picked him up and asked where Momma was again and he had no idea. Again. So I grabbed his naked little bum and packed him home. He was SOOOO dirty. 😦 I didn’t even want to hold him. But I sure as shit wasn’t going to leave him. I beat and beat on the back door of their house and nobody would answer! Last time the back door was wide open, this time it was shut and I decided to not open it. I came home and decided it would be best to call and make sure someone was there and awake. Nobody would answer the phone either!!

So…. now what. I had him inside with me and found a diaper from my little daycare girl that fit him and by that time hubby woke up wondering what was going on out here. Everybody was sleeping at my house too except for me. I asked him what I should do since nobody would answer the door or the phone and he said just call the cops.

By the time all that happened and the cops got to my house she FINALLY got her ass out of bed and came over here. Then told me she heard me knocking and didn’t worry about it because she figured it must be me. So did she know he was gone? Or did she know that someone knocking on her door at that time of the day meant her kid had gotten out? Then she explained how she sleeps with no pants on so that took her some time. Well I tell you, if I thought my kid had gotten out and I was in my undies in bed and I heard someone beating on my door like I was on their door, they would have gotten a whole eyefull of me in my undies! That’s your kid man!! I don’t think you care what my undies look like. It’s not like she would have been naked at the door. That I know of anyway…. her hubby was gone I know. Weird.

Anyway…. I told the cop she had just gotten to my backdoor so he asked if everything was okay then. We did tell him that this has been happening daily. He was going to have someone from family service or whatever it’s called, pay them a visit and talk with them. I feel bad, but relieved at the same time. I don’t think they are horrible parents, they just have a kid who likes to escape and they need to figure that out before he’s hurt or taken. Ya know.

You know what was weird. When I came outside with him she didn’t grab him and hug him or hold him or anything. Didn’t even say anything to him. Just stood there smoking her cigarette and not looking at anybody. There I stood holding him not knowing what to do. Maybe she’s just royally pissed that I called the cops. But shit woman I didn’t know what to do! I set him down and he tried running back in my house. I grabbed him again and told him to stay with Momma and not leave the house without her. I had to take his hand and put it in her hand and then she held onto him and walked him home. Isn’t that weird!!??


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6 Responses to “had to involve the police finally”

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I wonder if she’s super depressed or has some weird issues and is unattached to her child? Sounds SO odd to me. How old is this kid? How can he be getting out of the house? I would baracade him in his room, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I knew there was even a tiny bit of potential my child would be getting out, I’d tie him to the bed, put two babygates in his doorway…ANYTHING!! I’d call child and family services myself to let them know how she’s acting and how she’s seemingly unattached and unconcerned about him getting out of the house. There’s something terribly wrong there.

Seconding Informal Matriarch. Call child services and put your info down in first-hand. Something odd is going on in that household – be it she is depressed or passed out (which is what I’m wondering…).

If you see the child outside again, call the police immediately, again, so they can start building a paper trail to protect this kid.

He’s around 2, I can’t remember if he’s just under 2 or just over 2. They aren’t drinkers, so I haven’t worried about that. Yeah, all the weird unattached stuff happened AFTER I left the cop at the front door and went back to her, when I got back up there he was just leaving and I didn’t think of telling him all that weirdness that I’d just experienced.

I’d be moving my bedroom too!! They sleep in the basement and all the kids are on the upper level (not the main level). So I’m guessing they don’t have a clue what’s going on.

They could get those little door alarms too. Maybe that’d wake them up or at least maybe wake up another one of their kids.

That woman needs her ass kicked!

Sounds like child services definitely needs to get involved. Poor kid!

I agree with superchick!
Good for you for calling.

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