my new life

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This all has its pros and cons. I’m loving being out a little bit. After being at home for the last three years, getting a job outside of the house was much needed. Having co-workers, seeing customers and having a conversation about something besides Ben 10 or whatever it’s called.

The cons are bigger and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that they outweigh the pros. I’m missing my kids. It sucks. I knew it would affect me, but this just sucks. Gone all weekend, so there went that time. Now this week, I had Monday off but due to some… circumstances, my son spent the night somewhere else so I missed him that night. Now tonight the last night before school starts and the night of the ice cream social at school I have to work til 10 pm. He was bummed I was missing that, but what do I do. Then I work the next work the next two nights after tonight and then it’s Friday. He usually stays at Gramma’s Friday night so I won’t see him that night either.

He said the other day “Mom… I’m only going to see you for like half an hour after school and before you have to go to work.” Last year we had it worked out so he could walk to my Mom’s friends house after school and then my hubby picked him up on his way home from work. I didn’t have to pack up all the kids that way. It worked out lovely. This year since I’m working this job now I’m not taking more kids, unless I find a 3-4 year old so my almost 4 year old has someone to play with. It’ll be easy for me to go pick him up, that way at least I can see him for like an hour and a half. Thing about that is… he gets excited to ride his bike to and from school, so he’ll probably wrinkle his nose at the idea of me picking him up instead. Not sure what we’ll do about that yet. School starts tomorrow, I best figure it out huh.

I’m home all day with baby so I have all that time with him. As for seeing hubby, we won’t see each other at all. He goes to work in the am, he comes home just in time for me to leave for work, so it’s a hi-bye in passing. And the nights I have off work he’s off and running to do his fun activities. I never thought I’d be living this kind of life, but whatever, here it is and I have to go with it for now, gotta pay the bills somehow. So no bitching… right? Okay… maybe a little bitching 🙂 I get to, it’s my blog.

I’m still trying to figure out where to find time to clean the bathroom, scrub the floor, mow the lawn, do laundry, clean the car, scrub the stains outta the carpet from the trip, etc. There just aren’t enough hours to get all this done. Since I don’t have a fence, maybe I could put the kids on leashes so they can roam the entire yard, but only our yard. Hey, that sounds like a pretty good idea. 🙂 Or a clone… yeah, that’s a better idea, I need to just clone myself.

As for me now… I best quit typing my sap story to you guys and get to cleaning. One baby is sleeping and the other (mine) is done pissed off at me because I’m making him cry it out a bit. He’s so exhausted and whiny but wants to lay in my bed with me. Probably because of last night. I was so stinkin exhausted that I gave in last night after 3 hours. 3 HOURS people! That was all I could take. I gave in AFTER he puked twice all over me, himself, the chair and the floor. So after another bath and another bottle to wash that icky taste out of him mouth we went to bed.



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3 Responses to “my new life”

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I know the feeling. By the time I get home at night, I frequently only get an hour to two and a half hours to spend with my son before he goes to bed. It varies on the day and on if I have training for the fire department (those nights I get to see him for a half hour, tops!).

We place a lot of emphasis on being together on the weekends, even if we have to be out and about. I know you have to work some weekends, so I’m hoping your hours aren’t too long!

I know what you’re going through. I only see my baby for two hours a day after I get home from work. He still doesn’t say “mama” yet, that’s how bad it is. Although I recently took a vacation and got to spend 5 days in a row with him. By the end of the 5th day he was saying “ma-ma”, but now, nothing again… only “da-da”. I’m just waiting to hit the lottery.

That is so tough. I really feel for you!

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