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I’m thinking I might be able to start a blog just from stories from work. I’m used to being hidden in my house so all this chatter is very interesting sometimes. I must say… compliments are greatly appreciated and I won’t lie… I love them 🙂 Who doesn’t? I have never in my life received so many compliments on my hair. I love my hair now! Absolutely positively love it. Even though some old guy came in and asked me what happened and when I asked what happened with what he said it looked like I backed up too close to a fan. haha He just didn’t understand why I only cut half my hair. Too funny.

I also received a compliment on my weight last night. That was kinda a special compliment as it came from my doctor who delivered baby. It’s always nice to be known and not just be a number. Even if I was known as the emotional wreck who ended up in tears almost every visit begging for him to just get the baby out so I could be done being pregnant. hehe He said I looked great and asked how I lost the weight. I truthfully said I had no idea. It just happened. I weigh about 15 pounds less now than before I got pregnant. So I have NO idea how that happened. But I love it. I often wonder… if I get pregnant again would I love 15 from what I weigh now?? I’m not going to find that out right now though. lol It was a little embarrassing to have the 3 women in line behind him ask me what my secret was after they overheard us talking. I seriously didn’t have any advice for them.

And then I had the older guy and the beer. He looked between 50 and 60. I suck with ages so I’m giving a big range. He asked if I was going to card him and I said no. And then we talked about how I had just carded someone before him and turned out the guy was 30 something. I said I was going to card everybody just because I could and because I always get carded because I look 12. One guy did say I could probably pass for 18. Wow. I’m really moving up these days. Anyway… he said he’d card me just to find out my address. Nice. Ya ol’ pervert.

My son loved his first day of school. The most exciting part was being a 4th grader and getting to eat salad bar. You can’t eat salad bar in the younger grades so he was extremely excited to get that. I asked how the rest of the day was and it was good he said, but all he could talk about was the salad bar. Geesh, who thought salad would be so exciting. I stopped and talked to a friend on the way out of the parking lot and her daughter was squealing with delight over the salad bar too. So apparently salad is far more exciting that I ever thought it to be. Of course lettuce doesn’t agree with my stomach so I can’t eat it. I wish I could, I LOVE salad. 😦 Add to the list of things I can’t eat.

I have to close again tonight at work and then tomorrow I have the night off!! WOOT!! Working at night like this sure makes the week go fast. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.

This weekend I’m supposed to have Sunday off, going to spend that day working downstairs so my son can move his room down there. He decided he wants the basement for himself. I’m going to tear my office apart and he’s going to take that room. Someday I’ll set up another little spot as my office. For now I can take over his room up here. I wasn’t sure if he’d actually like sleeping down there so we made him take his mattress down only and try it out to make sure he liked it down there. He does. I was shocked. And proven wrong 🙂 hehe

I best get busy for today. I have a nice long to do list and a baby who’s refusing to sleep even though he’s walking around like a zombie and crying Mom Mom Momma Mom Mom Momma. Doing this sleep thing the hard way since the only way he wants to sleep in in our bed with one of us laying next to him. Spoiled Rotten.



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That is the best part of customer service – when the people are appreciative and nice!

Hope your youngest finally gets into the swing of things with sleeping on his own!

Now I have to hate you. Here things were going so well and you had to say that you lost weight without trying. Sheesh!

RC: Sure makes for better nights.

SC: BUT! Now it’s REALLY hard to keep it off. I have NO idea how that happened. But now, eat one thing wrong and I swear I gain 2 pounds. Which doesn’t work well when you work at a grocery store 🙂

I love your blog and selected it for one of my favorites. If you would like to have a look, I have written a post on it.

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