my first blow up at work

Posted on 25 August 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I believe I’ve already made one co-worker dislike me a whole lot. Oops. It’s her own damn fault, she decided my till was her business and surprise surprise, it’s not. I was getting ready to head out for lunch and she was taking over my spot until I got back. I opened my register to take my till out and she started asking me why I had my change there and why my checks were there and why and why and why. And then I blew up. There were no customers around, by the way.

First I said “They are there because that’s how I do it.” Then proceeded to go off letting her know this is how I do it and it doesn’t affect her so she doesn’t need to worry about it. She muttered a few times something about she doesn’t understand why I do it this way and I should do it her way. I then let her know my till is FAR more organized than hers and at the end of my shift most of my stuff is ready to go. Hers on the other hand, is going to take time to sort through all the debit slips, credit slips, charges, checks, coupons, ebt’s, gift certificates, you name it, she’ll have to sort it.

Anyway… she was completely pissed at me, I can only guess it was because I spoke my mind and let her know she’s not better than me like she was thinking and that my way of handling my till works absolutely lovely. She wouldn’t talk to me the rest of my shift and wouldn’t say good-bye when she had to once again take over my spot.

WOW… look at that, you throw me back out into the working world (outside of home) and I’m making tons o’ friends already! lmao

In other news… We’ve moved my sons bedrooms into the basement and I took his old room for my office. His room is all set and ready to go and he loves it. It’s bigger than his old room and much much nicer. I haven’t set up my office because we’re going to paint in his old room before we set everything up. I can’t take these blue walls. Orange baby! Paint these walls orange. 🙂 Energetic color for working… I hope so.

I’m starting the cleanse again today. I will follow Leah’s orders this time better. hehe Hopefully I don’t end up a wreck again afterwards. Oooh that sucked. I’ll spare you the details.

It’s time to start another week – HUGS TO ALL!


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