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I have some complaints about work I need to vent about. First of all, I’m overqualified, but I knew that going in. And those people who work there and can’t figure this stuff out are driving me insane. I’ve been there for 2 weeks, they’ve been there for years.

I’m also not making so many friends because I have a tendency to speak my mind to them. Such as about the change in the til last time. Last night it was over helping customers. Here’s the scene. It’s after 5 pm, after work rush, lines are long, people are hurried to get home to their families, typical situation right? We actually had quite a few checkers last night, 5 to be exact. I’ve never been there and had more than 3, so that was weird last night. Everybody is doing their job and the customer I was dealing with was renting a movie along with getting groceries. She wanted her number changed so her kids couldn’t rent anymore. This takes all of about 30 seconds. So I head over to take care of her movie stuff. Meanwhile a checker further down, who should have been doing her own job is more worried about the fact that I’m NOT IN my register. DUH idiot, I’m over taking care of the movie. So she storms down and says I need to be checking people out. Ummmm, excuse me, I’m with somebody right now. Well you have people who need to check out and get their groceries. Did you hear me??!! I’m WITH somebody right now and she’s renting a movie and getting her own groceries. When I’m done with her I’ll gladly help somebody else. As for you… you need to get back to your area and help your customers. mmmmkay. bye now. So she didn’t talk to me anymore either. What did she expect me to do, drop the lady with the movie and tell her sorry I’m too busy to let you rent a movie tonight? Wow.

I had the worker last night who didn’t know how to rent movies to people, she’s been there for years now. She also didn’t know how to put coupons in. Uggggg…… Are you people kidding me?! Or are you testing me?! If you’re testing me, I’ve passed with flying colors, I’ve outworked you every night and apparently learned more in two weeks than you can learn in 2 years!

Sorry, I don’t mean to vent, but it’s really hard working with people like this.

Today is payday though, I’ll be getting my first paycheck from there. It’s not going to be big, but every little bit helps right. 🙂

My son and I will be having a talk tonight. It’s hard with me being gone and him thinking he has complete run downstairs since I’m gone. That’s what I’m thinking anyway. He has chips in bed, soda all over his room, empty cans, bottles, etc. Orange soda spilled on the carpet which I scrubbed this morning. It sucks being gone at work, I need to be here to say ummmm NO soda in your room. It works just fine to be left on the table and you can get a drink when need be. And sure as heck no chips in bed! Are you crazy! It also looks like a paper shredder blew up in his room, no idea where all the paper came from but I found it this morning when I went to wake him. When I asked him about it, he just said oh yeah that, I’ll clean that up tonight.

Do you say pop, soda or coke? I say soda and the other night a guy came through my line and when I asked if he wanted his soda left out he laughed and said, “let me guess you’re not from here” and started listing off states he thought I was from. I said, “Nope, born and raised here. I just say soda”. He thought that was the weirdest thing ever.

Work to be done, buns to be bought (brats tonight with tons of onions! yummy), bathrooms to be scrubbed, garbage to be hauled, lists to be made, cars to be cleaned, diapers to be changed, carpets to be vacuumed, and the list goes on. I’m going to start rambling if I don’t end this now. HUGS TO ALL!!


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5 Responses to “overqualified”

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I’ve been there… Just do the best you can and ignore the complainers…

It is soda, by the way… Pop is the sound a balloon makes, or another name for dad, while Coke is a brand or the drug. And yes, I lived in the land of “pop” for a while…

I say pop…no Canadian says soda unless they were once American.

I love these word surveys you do! 🙂 It’s definitely soda here and if someone says “pop” referring to soda I’ll usually look confused for a second and then laugh. 🙂 I don’t know why I think it’s so funny.

Congrats on holding your ground with your grocery dorks. I mean, co-workers. I have a feeling you’re going to be manager soon!! 🙂

RC: Never thought about the balloon thing, that’s funny.

IM: If you said pop to me, I’m pretty sure I’d have an uncontrollable urge to say… “goes the weasel”. haha

Kristine: There’s another one coming VERY soon!! Oooh I can’t wait. Either that or I’m going to end up quitting or being fired for telling them how it is. Ooops.

Glad your job is going decently! Love the funny work stories! My page has been down for a few days and am having to have it worked on. Not like I post much anyways these days. Which stinks cause I really have alot to keep up with!!
I still need to come up with a “catchy” name for it too. I miss my babypeeks page!!!!

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