idea 1… going going gone!

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How typical of me, I get these really great ideas to do something in the house and they end up getting really big, really messy and taking a really long time. Me and my ideas that always end up a mess. Shit, maybe that’s my life motto and I just figured it out. Hmmmmm…. I have a thought there.

So the office was to be painted orange this weekend. We actually had three shades of orange and a lovely wine kinda color. Gorgeous. And now I’m looking at two by fours, scraps of sheetrock, piles of paneling and shiny nails sticking out all over. What a mess. It needed to be done but I didn’t figure right now was the time and it’s not. So between two jobs, two kids a husband and a house… now I spent the night tearing the room apart. I was almost finished, just a few more pieces, but baby couldn’t handle it any longer. He wanted me done and out of there and that was that. So I’ll finish in the morning. Then to find a way to haul the yuck mess that’s laying all over my back patio to the dump. Oh joy. The things I get myself into.

You want to hear more work stories. I’ve got some 🙂 haha So I got asked out. ME! Yeah, crazy huh. First of all he scared me a little, okay, a lot. But whatever. Then I saw the keychain he had was from the shelter here in town. When he saw my eye catch it he snagged it off the counter and asked if I’d ever seen the places and started telling me how he doesn’t really need to be there and he makes 20 bucks and hour but they are just like really big apartments. When I turned him down and showed him my left hand he asked, “What’s that?” With a weird look of shock on my face I’m sure, I said, “It’s a wedding ring.” He apologized and said he was looking at the wrong hand. haha So he left saying he’d just go be bored some more but continue looking for someone so he had something to do. Please don’t let your minds wander to the gutter with that comment, please…..

I had some punk high school kid come through the other night with two of his buddies. He was standing in line talking about how hot he was and he could probably get stuff with his good looks, etc. You know the type I’m sure, so you know what he was like. A tool. Anyway, he wrote a check and since they didn’t have his phone number on it (see where this is going) I had to ask for it. He said it and then had this smart ass laugh and asked his buddies if they’d heard that, I’d just asked for his number. He wondered what that was all about. I laughed and asked him if he was serious. He quit laughing.

I got my first paycheck last Friday, that was fun. It was much bigger than I expected. And then today I spent the entire thing at Walmart buying stuff we needed. So that was fast. Now it’s gone.

I also had a lady come through who remembered me from my junior prom (Leah, that’s 11th grade). She remembered my dress, the color, my hair, the car I was driving (my Dad’s super snazzy OLD 38 Chevy Coupe, that’s now gone. me sad.), who made my dress, my name(!) and I didn’t know her. She even said, “You don’t know me but… I remember you in the store parking lot on prom night going in to visit co-workers before heading to the prom and I sat in my car saying how gorgeous you were.” Seriously I about melted right there at work as she was telling me this! Isn’t that crazy that she’d remember me from that long ago and all the specifics and see me in the grocery store how many years later and tell me all that! That woman rocks!


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3 Responses to “idea 1… going going gone!”

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The lady remembering all the stats from your prom – I don’t know if that scares me (in a stalker way) or if it is just flattering to have made an impression on someone.

I’m thinking it is the impression thing, given that you have the “hunks” coming out of the woodwork to ask you out. 😉

Um, yeah, not so sure about that woman. I had a guy like that once. He remembered that I wore white Calvin Klein socks with a “CK” logo on them to school. Yes, this guy remembered my socks! He also remembered what kind of car I drove, where I used to park my car, and some other creepy stuff. He actually ended up being a pretty cool guy, but weird how people remember you huh?

Maybe she has a crush on you??

Thanks for the junior prom clarification 🙂

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