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Posted on 17 September 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Took baby to the doctor yesterday afternoon. He got a rash the night before and yesterday it got worse. When he was sitting on the floor grabbing his feet and squeezing them and crying his eyes out I decided it was time to go get it checked out. His last rash seemed to be just food allergies (stupid peanut butter) so I wasn’t overly concerned at first. But he was covered from head to toe and had some larger bumps on his hands and feet and inside of his legs.

One of my first thoughts was Chicken Pox, but it’s not the right time and he’s not been around anybody with it (that I know of). So doc decided hand foot mouth. You want to hear my proud Mommy moment….. (embarrassing!) when I called the doctor they asked if he had a fever at all, I said nope…he’s been great, up playing and everything, just stops and cries and rubs his feet. Yeah… his temp was 102! He did not feel hot like that.

He had a horrible night last night, seemed okay this morning, but now is super crabby. I think he just needs to sleep but he’s not wanting to let himself go. So no daycare kids for us for the rest of the week. Hopefully none of them caught anything while they were here.


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One Response to “hand foot mouth”

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Oh no… You’ve seen my experience now RUN FOR THE HILLS! (Okay, not really, but do everything in your power to protect yourself and everyone else from getting it.)

Little Dude did not have a full-body rash, but he and I both got rashes up our legs when it happened, now that I think about it.

I wish you lots of luck and whatever you do – be kind to those little feet. It hurts so much to walk on those blisters you can barely see. Trust me.

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