please let this be over soon

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Not sure how much more I can take. I’m exhausted. Daddy’s exhausted. Baby has got to be exhausted. Mix that all up and you’ve got some crabby people.

Last night I ended up just letting him run and do whatever he wanted. He fell asleep early for Daddy (I was at work, I’ll tell that story next) and then spent most of the night running around. He refused to be in the same room as me. WTF?! I’d let him out of bed and he’d run to the living room screaming If I didn’t follow him, he’d calm down. If I did follow him, he’d run to another room screaming. I let him run to the living room and just stood in the hallway watching him. He grabbed my book, jerked out the bookmark, threw that to the side and flipped through the book. After tossing that to the side he crawled up on the couch and laid down. I had left the tv on for light for him. I waited and then snuck to the chair and waited until I thought he was asleep. Boy was I wrong. I walked over by him and he screamed and took off running again. So I laid a blanket on the floor and just waited. He eventually laid down and fell asleep on his own. He wasn’t even drinking good last night. Maybe it was hurting to even be touched, I don’t know. I sure wish I could trade places with him though. I hate when little guys are sick and they can’t tell you everything. 😦

So far today he’s taken two baths, because he refused to let me shower alone so I gave in, took a bath and let him back in. Turd. After bath time he cuddled in his towel for a bit with me. But other than that, the poor kid has just cried and cried. He did eat a little more today, which I guess is good. He doesn’t have this as bad as pictures I’ve seen. He’s not all blistered or anything. Just horribly rashy, swollen tonsils and glands, throat full of spots. Sucks. Hope it passes soon.

Big brother is spending time at a family friend’s house while baby has this going on. Hopefully we can keep him safe from it. Fingers crossed.

Work… Not sure how much more of that I can take either. Last night was worse because the PIC (person in charge) for the night is the biggest pain in the ass. Nobody likes working with her. I’m pretty sure she’s on a power trip. I was supposed to work til 9, it was 10 before I left there. Those people and their breaks, I tell ya. I said this after day one of being there, when they want their break at 9:10, it will be at 9:10 on the dot, not a second later. So when I called up and said I needed her down to help out with Western Union, because I had people lined up still waiting to get them done she said she was on break and started to explain that she wanted her break and they’d just have to wait and yada freakin yada. I didn’t listen to it, I said whatever and slammed the phone down. I had people to help, no time to listen to her sob story about freakin break time.

Earlier in the night I tried getting her to open the office so I could grab the missing keys that we needed and she flat out refused. So when the time came that I needed that key… I called her back up and she started sorting through about 50 keys trying to find one that works while telling me she guesses she could maybe just go get the other key huh. Ummmm yeah, it’d be nice since we already asked for it HOURS ago! She STILL wouldn’t get it for us.

It was probably a good thing she didn’t come up and help me, because I was so stressed and pissed off that I probably would have bit her head off at some point just for being stupid for the night. It didn’t help that the phone had a short in it, the Western Union machine ran out of ink and nobody had a clue how to fix it and the help center closed 5 minutes before we called so we couldn’t sell money orders or receive Western Unions. And so help me… had one more person bitched at me for that happening I probably would have come un-corked on them too. Phew… glad that nights over. Tonight I get to do it all over again. Oh joy.


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Hope your little guy starts feeling better soon. (And oh the joys of people on power trips…)

Hey – I tried to email you. Yes, email me if you have questions about the lovely hand, foot and mouth yuckiness…

Hope he feels better soon!

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