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Posted on 23 September 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

New things starting everywhere. The word NO is a huge part of baby’s vocabulary now. Uggg… (And I finally got kids back today and my little girl I babysit and love so much learned Why? ACK!) He also loves the word BOOM. He pretends to fall alot and then he’ll stand up with his hand on his head and want you to kiss it. It started from too much jumping on Mommy and Daddy’s bed. He kept hitting his head on the wall. Ouch. But now he just runs around the house and pretends to fall and says Boom and then holds his head and arm sometimes.

Last night Gramma was here to visit. Big brother had been chasing baby around and at one point baby was standing by the couch looking rather tired. Gramma asked him if he was pooped and right away he pointed and grabbed at his butt.

The toilet is a very cool thing right now too. He wants to be the one to flush when you’re done. He gets so excited standing there waiting and often tries many times before you’re done to flush. When he finally gets to he claps and laughs and says DONE.

He loves to walk funny too. He’ll squat down and walk with his legs spread wide. Reminds me of a sumo wrestler.

He also does this weird thing lately where he wants to be in his crib. He doesn’t want to sleep and he does NOT want to be left alone in there, he just wants to be in there. He turns his aquarium on and listens to music and reads books and plays toys. He wants you to sit on the floor by the crib or in the chair, just don’t leave. If I do he yells Mom and then starts crying. Yet if you try getting him out he shakes his head no and says NO.

Did I mention that word NO already…. yeah it’s driving me crazy already. I tried getting him down for nap and he said NO, shook his head no and then took off running from me. This is getting fun eh.

There are so many new things, I’ll think of more later. HUGS TO ALL!!


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3 Responses to “new stuff”

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Little Dude does some of the “no” stuff, but not too much, thankfully. He just ignores us if he doesn’t want to listen, though…

This little boy plugs his ears sometimes! TURD! haha

OMG! With that potty fascination, maybe he’l potty train early??? I always heard that boys have less interest, but your boy sure doesn’t fit that bill!

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