crib time

Posted on 24 September 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Here he is, just sitting in his crib reading. Everyday we do this for long periods of time. I’m glad he likes to read, but why can’t he do it somewhere else. Or with me? I also wish he’d realize this is his crib, he should sleep in there, not read in there. Silly boy. Every once in a while he’ll want me to play. Usually it’s with the jack in the box you see there. He’ll pop it out, using the button, he won’t sit and wind it. That takes too much time for him. No patience with this boy. Then he’ll hand it over the edge and want me to put him back in and then he’ll pop him out and I’ll put him in and we’ll do this for what seems like forever. But mostly he just wants me to sit in there. He’ll turn his aquarium on you see in the back and listen to music and dance around the crib. Or he’ll run back and forth. Or he’ll jump. Or he’ll just blabber. Or hide from me, pop over the edge and then peek between the bars.


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3 Responses to “crib time”

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Ooo… A new look!

My little guy loves to just spend time alone, occasionally, too! Not necessarily in his crib, but he does do some time in there while I get ready in the mornings.

So… AFTER I wrote this (and today was the first day this has happened)… he wanted to be in there alone!! I asked if I should sit on the floor and he shook his head no and said no, so I said okay I’ll sit in the chair today, he shook his head no and said no again. So I left to see what happened. He spent about 15 minutes alone, twice today, playing. This is so weird for him.

But he is also wanting to go to sleep along. He wants his bottle, his blanket and into OUR bed (haha) and he just wants to go to sleep. Sometimes he falls asleep on the living room floor too. But wherever he is, he doesn’t want to rock and cuddle anymore. Dang is he sick of us already?!

I love your new look! 🙂

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