fun trip to water park

Posted on 30 September 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

This past weekend we surprised the boys with a trip out of town to a fun hotel with a water park. I don’t have much for pictures as I was having a horrible time with my camera. Red eye, blurriness, foggy lens, etc. Was not having good luck. The boys had a great time, even baby loved the slides! He went down with Daddy so Daddy could hold him up out of the water at the end. I also took my first trip down a water slide. Those things freak me out, I’m sure the slide it going to break or I’m going to fly right out the side. haha But it was fun, that fun moment where you’re so excited you just laugh and smile all the way down, just like a little kid! 🙂 SO much fun!

We learned more about big brother’s coughing. It may be asthma. He coughs a lot when going between different temperatures (air and water) and mostly at night when he lays down and some in the morning when he first wakes up. Went back to the doctor yesterday and he got him an inhaler to try. Last night he drank something hot and it helped so much he didn’t need the inhaler. Maybe it’s not bad enough right now and we can help it with something hot to drink every night before bed. Felt so bad for the little guy, he’d go between the hot tub and slides or pool and have to run to the bathroom puking because of the temperature changes. He still had a blast though.

We had the loudest room in the hotel, right by the stair well and door. I wanted to strangle rude people. The hotel is attached to the mall which is fun, but being in a different state… we didn’t realize everything shuts down at 7 pm! That’s insane. So we didn’t do much shopping, but the water park was fun and worth it. We did get stuff we needed for the office remodel so hopefully we can get going on that soon. I miss my office. It’s cold down here in the basement. 🙂


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6 Responses to “fun trip to water park”

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Sounds like fun! (And the puking part between temperature changes confuses me… Unless he is coughing that much? The coughing between weather/temperature changes was a big indicator of asthma for me, as a child.)

Yeah, he’s just coughing so much and so hard that he pukes. He starts out coughing up phlegm and then pukes.

Whoa it hit me just seconds ago that I’ve been slackin’ on visiting your blog! I love the new design!!

Whoa! Everything shuts down at 7? Are you in Utah?

We were in North Dakota

Sounds like a fun trip!

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