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Posted on 14 October 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I haven’t had any time to post lately. Between the my kids, the daycare kids, the house, the extra job, life in general and being sick… I’m beat.

Work news… I get called like everyday to go to work and if I go shopping with my boys there, somebody stops me and asks if I can come to work to do this or that. If they’d rid themselves of the people who don’t work and/or don’t show up to work and raise their pay and hire some capable people we’d be a lot better off. Overnight I went from being a plain old cashier and service center cashier to working bakery, produce, load and a billion other things not on my to do list. Passes the time anyway.

Brother news: Busy with school. I have to tell you this story. We had homecoming here not to long ago and the kids all walked to the parade from school. Some made signs. Leave it to my son…. He made a sign and put his phone number on it! With a note to CALL HIM! He always has funny stuff coming out of his mouth. The other night at the grocery store he told me I needed to talk to my managers and let them know the least they could do is clean the carts (the little car carts for kids) with lysol or something because you know there are so many germs on those things. So I guess that’s what I need to do tonight. 🙂 He’s such a help with baby. If I have tons to do he’s so great about letting brother come play in his room. Last night he even showed me his brother’s toy box he made for him in his room. He took a little plastic tote and filled it with toys for his little brother when he’s down there. How sweet is that?!

Baby news: Crazy as always. Man this kid goes and goes. He has two speeds, stop and go. He’s either going full speed ahead or he’s asleep. No in between what so ever. He wears me out most days. He cut both top molars and has another tooth coming on top next to his two front teeth. So that means we are up to 9 teeth. I’m working really hard on the bottle. During the day things are great! Straws are pretty much the greatest thing ever invented. He loves them. He drinks tons of water now during the day, he loves it straight out of the tap. Nothing cold. He hates cold stuff, except popsicles and ice cream. haha He climbs everything!! But I’ve already told you that before. He’s definitely the leader around here which is scary with all the kids.

Mommy news: I’ve been sick for a couple weeks now. I don’t have much for a voice right now and often break out in coughing attacks where I can’t quit until I almost throw up. Real fun at work I tell ya. Most people are very understanding as this craps been going around a while and most have had it or have it. I took on two more kids. Twins. I only have them two days a week thank goodness because they are 20 months. Which means on those two days a week I have my 15 month old, two 20 month old and one 22 month old. Fun times! I mean…. scary times. So far it’s been good. They play together quite well. The twins are one boy, one girl. The girl looks like a boy and the boy looks like a girl. I’m not joking. Embarrassing moment…. the first day they came (I hadn’t met them yet) I told my other little daycare girl that there was another little girl to play with and then the Mom said, “And this is [boys name]”. I don’t think she heard me as she was still in the porch taking shoes off. My 3 year old I used to babysit is going elsewhere now. His Mom wanted me to take him to pre-school and pick him up. No way am I packing 4 little kids up to take care of that. Not to mention… he goes during her lunch hour and would be done when she got off work. She was always an hour late getting here to get him though. Since I wouldn’t do that she’s going to try getting him into daycare at the pre-school location.

Daddy news: He’s hunting and those deer keep getting the best of him.


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