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Posted on 20 October 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

…getting baby off the bottle and out of our bed. Now one of these things has to happen first, I won’t rob him of both right away. Poor baby, send him into shock. Kudos to me… I’ve gotten rid of the bottle during the day. He only has a bottle at nap time to fall asleep (ARG!) and a bottle at bedtime to fall asleep. He usually wakes once in the night looking for a new diaper and a bottle. He no longer drinks like 3 bottles before bed either. It’s one bottle mister.

So what’s the problem with all this. I have no idea how to accomplish either one. The only other way he falls asleep is in the car and I’ll be damned if I’m going to drive around with him til he falls asleep. He did today only because we’d gone to the store for butt wipe and diapers. Both kids fell asleep actually. So one less bottle for today! Hooray! haha

The bed time thing… I’m thinking of trying the playpen in our room for a while…. again. Maybe if I can transition him from our bed to that and then from that to his own room it’ll be easier. Or I could always go with the cry it out in his own room method. Which I’m not looking to do. I kinda believe if you’re going to go with that you should have done it a long time ago. And then we wouldn’t have this little problem would we. haha Our bad.

As for the bottle thing…. I have no ideas. Not one. Not any. Not even a hint of an idea. What worked during the day was cups with straws. He loves them. I can’t exactly get him to lay down with a cup and straw 🙂 I’m open to suggestions.


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2 Responses to “working on…”

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Um, yeah. I don’t know how to wean from a bottle – we need to do the same with Kitten. She doesn’t drink milk from a cup, she’s not interested. So I’m a little worried on how we’re going to get her the nutrition she needs, while getting her off the bottle. So worried!

This little boy doesn’t like cold milk. He still wants his bottle warmed those two times he has it. He doesn’t like cold water, so he wants just plain tap water in his cup with straw. Apple juice he’s finally starting to drink, though I have to water it down, he can’t handle it straight.

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