night four

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Another night of waking, but he didn’t wake until somewhere around 4 am. Works for me. Daddy got us a diaper and a bottle and we all cuddled back into bed. At least he spent most of the night sleeping in the playpen. So he’s completely capable of sleeping good by himself, he just doesn’t know how to calm himself down and put himself back to sleep. Doesn’t like to be alone and needs the bottle to go back to sleep. Not sure how to fix that. But at least we all get some hours of good sleep. Baby sleeps good because nobody is in his space. We sleep good because we’re not getting kicked and hit and pushed away.

It’s a day with no daycare kids here today. I’m enjoying time with just me and baby and we can get some stuff done and some errands ran. We already ran a few, but we’ll save some for later as we both get a little cabin fever and it’s good to get out. Had a hard time leaving the grocery store this morning. We have those car carts and baby didn’t want to get out. So we stood in the entryway playing for quite some time until I convinced him we should go and we’ll come back later for Mommy’s paycheck from work. Thank goodness he left willingly and I didn’t have to carry him out kicking and screaming like last time.

I have to share the boys’ pictures with you. Big brother school pic and a pic of baby I took while we were out trying to get family pics done. They are great, except that dang piece of grass that goes right across baby’s picture. Oh well. At least we got a good pic of him and got him to sit for 2 seconds. What more can you ask for from a 15 month old, right.



They are both so stickin cute and great! We are not having good luck with family pictures. Our first round was us having the camera set on the car and using the timer, which is what we did last year and it worked great. This year, the camera kept focusing on the grass in front of us and not on us, so we have many blurry pictures. Our second round we had Grandpa (Daddy’s Dad) try. Taking pictures isn’t his forte. So we are trying again this weekend. We are taking Gramma (My Mom) with us this time. We’ll see what we can get this time. Hope we get something we like and that’s not blurry because we’re going to run out of time to get this done. Not to mention, we’re going to have no leaves this time.

So that’s that, I’m off to get some work done and hopefully baby will agree to that and play nicely. Before I go… one more story. Baby bit yesterday! I really really really hope that doesn’t become a habit. He was upset because one of the twins was in his singing chair and he wanted it. He was laughing and playing with her, but then decided he wanted it. He tried pulling her up, but then would giggle about it when she’d sit back down. I kept telling him he needed to share and wait his turn and he’d laugh. I didn’t think there was a major problem because he didn’t appear to be mad, he was just impatiently waiting for his turn. Apparently he was more upset than he led me on to believe because next thing I knew he grabbed her hand to pull her up again, but this time bit her finger. That got her moving and him moving too…. straight to his bedroom, until I calmed her down and made sure she was okay.


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Love the pictures! The boys are both cute!

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