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I got a surprise last night! Yeah, that’s right, ME! After attending my son’s parent-teacher conference, hubby surprised me with dinner! Alone. An hour of peace and quiet, no telling kids to sit down or quit throwing food. None of that. It went like this…

I spent the day in my grubby clothes as I was home with all 4 little ones, who drove me up the wall and boy do I have a story from all that, my son was very naughty. Anyway… I snuck a few minutes to throw myself together so I was ready to go for the conference. And boy was it a good thing I did. I wonder if I would have been surprised with dinner if I’d gone in my grubby clothes?! haha I had already asked Gramma earlier if she’d watch the boys while I went to the conference, but sometime after that hubby talked to her and asked if she wanted to keep the boys after the conference so we could go to supper. After leaving the conference I said I was going to call Gramma and ask if she’d watch the boys just a bit longer so we could stop at the grocery store for milk. He said Nope, don’t worry about it, she won’t mind. I said I still had to call and just let her know that’s what we were doing. I’m just like that. So I got the surprise early and he said don’t worry about it, we’re going on a date tonight, she’s already keeping them. I teared up and called anyway, because I’d already dialed and it was ringing. It was a fun time, hubby had prime rib and I had some seafood ravioli dish with shrimp. Yummy. Minus the lemony sauce they put on top.

As for the story earlier… we are having a problem with biting here. I never wanted to be the parent with a kid who bites. Baby left a nasty purple mark on one of the twins’ cheeks. Thank goodness the Mom was understanding and said karma came back to get her. She’d taken to her brother’s back one night a couple months ago and bit a smiley face onto his back. She was just working on the last eye when her Dad got out of the shower and caught her. I said Woah… Karma came back to bite her… literally. haha Hopefully this doesn’t become an out of hand problem. If anybody’s had this problem and has advice to offer, I’m open to anything. Well, besides biting them back. I think that’s plain ridiculous and mean and just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Big brother’s conference went well. He’s rushing a little bit, which isn’t shocking. He gets bored and rushes easily. He had to be moved across the room from a little girl because they can’t get along I guess. He hasn’t mentioned anything about that, which is odd for him. Other than that, the teacher loves him and says he’s a great help with the computers, she knows nothing about them, and he’s always paying close attention to detail around the room. Like, letting her know she doesn’t have the schedule up yet and things like that. Reminded me of when he was in Kindergarten (I think it was Kindergarten anyway). Gramma dropped him off at school one morning and he noticed on his way to the building that the flag wasn’t up yet, so he stopped in the office to let them know that wasn’t done!!! TOO freakin’ funny!!!


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What a nice surprise! A moment out, away from the child(ren), is always a winning treat – although I do miss my little guy when I’m away, but then I come home slightly refreshed and a better mom for it, I feel.

My boy bites. He came up to me one day, lifted my shirt up, and gave me “raspberry” on my tummy. I started laughing, and then… he bit me!! So, hard that he left a nice big red mark. Another time I was trying to get something out of his mouth, and he bit my finger… really really hard and I couldn’t get my finger out of his mouth! He actually broke skin that time. He also bites our furniture. I don’t know what to do either. He laughs at me and thinks he’s funny…

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