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I’ve started a new budget. My own little system for keeping track of everything. I’m loving it and we’re saving money by doing this. It can be stressful, but it’s definitely worth it. I love working with numbers so everytime I play around with it I turn into a total geek and go crazy with it all. I should really be an accountant or people’s financial advisors or something like that. I’m strict with it, so when little things arise, like my son needing to go to a birthday party…. I panic for a little bit wondering where it’s going to come from. I’m pathetic, I know. And freaking out over a receipt not being had… more being pathetic, I know. Numbers… Organizing… Tracking… OH MY! 🙂 Dork. haha

Baby is no longer sleeping with us in our bed. WOOT! BUT…. Oh yeah, there’s a but. As always. He’s back to sleeping with the heater on in the bathroom, but I’m not letting him sleep IN the bathroom anymore. He’s sleeping in the hallway right outside the bathroom door. Weird kid.

That’s all I have for today, pretty boring huh.


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3 Responses to “numbers!”

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At least he is sleeping & giving you a break.

Where are you??? I hope everythings ok….

I am the total opposite with numbers. I can’t grasp them. There’s a quote from the movie “Terminator” that stands out, “Do I look like the mother of the future? I can’t even balance my checkbook!”

I’ve given up on checkbooks awhile ago, I do online banking.

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