on to step 2

Posted on 25 November 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Step one was the bottle and since it’s gone, I’ve been working on step two. Sleeping in the crib. It’s working during the day. Today I sat with him while he drank his cup of milk and then I said it was nap time and he had to lay in the crib. He let out a Momma cry and that was that. He laid down on his own, cuddled up with his blanket and was done. Yesterday didn’t go quite that well, but as I’m seeing… it’s getting better and better. Step three will be sleeping in the crib at night. It’s just hard to keep doing the same routine when I have to go to work. So that will come. I remember all the things I used to stress over, sleeping in the bathroom, sleeping with us, the bottle, the crib, etc. They are all coming together, one step at a time. So now if I could just become a millionaire on top of all this we’d be good to go! haha Okay, wishful thinking, I’ll just go back to working on the baby stuff now.

The other good thing about him going to sleep on his own is… remember how he used to take like 10 minute naps, if that sometimes? Well, his naps are now more around an hour. He’s so much happier when he wakes and ready to go again. And with that typed… he’s awake so I’m out.


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Hey – you made it through the bottle, so the sleeping will come. We still haven’t completely stopped the bedtime bottle, but he doesn’t fall asleep while drinking it, and I’m slowly reducing the amount in it.

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