18 month update

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I thought I better update for 18 months. We just had our doctor’s appt. today and things went well. Little man is still tall and skinny, in the 94th %tile for height and 13th %tile for weight. He hasn’t even gained a full pound in 3 months. Poor diet? Who knows. He’s not a great eater, but he does eat. I guess it’s all that energy he has, he burns everything off too fast.

I talked to the doctor about his lack of talking very much, or I should say how he’s regressed. He used to say so much more. Doctor wasn’t overly concerned. He said we’d just watch him and work with him like we have been and who knows maybe he’ll just decide one day to start talking up a storm.

I also talked to him about his weird habits and having to have some things just so. He’s always concerned when he gets to Gramma and Papa’s house that their phones aren’t hung up. He always wants them hung up right away. At home he puts SOME things away just so. Doctor was shocked that, at this age, he was so worried about some little things like that.

He asked him many questions and watched as I got him ready to see if he was understanding and hearing everything I said. He was. So he’s totally on track there, he just doesn’t feel the need to talk I guess. Doctor asked him many questions too, about what things were, where they went, where everybody was, etc. When he asked where Gramma and Papa were, little man opened the door and out he went. I guess he was off to find them. He did ask where they were after all. He was going to show him.

I’ve been worried about how his talking has regressed, but I guess I’ll just wait a bit more and see how that goes.


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3 Responses to “18 month update”

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Glad all went well at the appointment and hope he talking thing resolves!

We have our 18 month appointment in 3 weeks, so I’ll have to update you and we can compare notes. My little guy doesn’t really talk much either. But then again, I don’t know how well and 18 month old talks anyways. I’ll send you an e-mail soon…..

Don’t worry too much… Vern’s nephew didn’t talk much until he was over two years old. Now he talks up a storm.

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