potty training

Posted on 8 January 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

We are working a little bit on potty training. My little daycare girl who just turned 2 is working on it and doing very well. I think/hope this is going to help little man out. So far it is. We’ve tried going potty a few times today on the potty, but I haven’t been able to catch him so he’ll actually go, but he does enjoy sitting there. He’s definitely learning from her because after he’s sat there for a while he wants some toilet paper to wipe just like she does. After that he jumps down, closes the lid and flushes the potty just like she gets to do. Every little bit can help so maybe with any luck at all we’ll be on our way to diaper free also!


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Little Dude just got to see one of his buddies use the potty, so he has now had interest in his chair. He’s been sitting on it, in the buff, one to three times per day. Nothing yet, but he’s getting the concept, and he wants one of us to sit on the “big potty” while he sits on his potty. Good luck!

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