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This little boy is either out-smarting us or he’s stubborn as all get out. What a turd he can be. He knows exactly what’s going on. The other night at the dinner table I asked him if he was smart, he shook his head up and down smiling. The other day I asked him if he could talk and he shook his head up and down, smiling some more and when I said okay say Momma. He said “no. no.” ACK!!!! If you beg him to talk he’ll hold his belly and laugh his hardest laugh. I don’t get him.

He’s definitely got brother, on, done and momma (when he’s whining) down. We just ask him lots of questions. It’s no more us saying “oh look at the puppy” its us saying “hey! what’s that?” He’ll get there, I know he will. I’m just being impatient because I know he can say stuff. Oh I forgot he says “I know” a LOT too.

He loves doing Patty-cake, Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and The Wheels on the bus. Those are probably his 3 favorites right now. His eating has improved tremendously lately also! But we have learned the hard way that he doesn’t like stuff cut up anymore. Toast, wants the entire piece and he folds it in half and eats it that way. Hot dogs (can’t believe he finally eats these), those have to be whole and he takes bites. Pears, I have to slice them, peel them and give them to him in sections so he can hold them. Don’t you dare cut anything anymore. But at least he’s eating more!! In the last 3 months he hasn’t even gained 1 lb. He’s at 23 pounds right now. I’m forgetting his height off the top of my head, sorry.

On the parents side of things….. we are currently working on our kitchen. When we should really be working on the office. Oops. My bad. My fault. Next weekend. 🙂 I put a faux finish on the walls and painted my yucky cabinets white (primer only so far). But after seeing them white, I think I’m sticking with white paint also. I had burgundy in my head, but I’m LOVING the brightness of my kitchen right now. I haven’t decided on the wall color yet. I wash to do a glaze, but haven’t done that before, so anybody with tips…. I’d LOVE them! I’m also not sure if I want to paint and then glaze or just glaze. I’ve seen it both ways and love it both. But it is in the kitchen so I need to be able to scrub it. Not sure how the glaze works.

Big brother’s birthday is coming up! It’s his golden birthday, turning 10 years old on the 10th!! He’s doing a bowling birthday party again and will probably have a couple boys over here after. I need to have a girl. I’m always WAY outnumbered by boys 🙂 haha He’s just been busy playing trains, computer and being the bestest big brother ever!! He also finds time for school 🙂 He’s very good at that too.


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That “head, shoulders, knees and toes” song can be catchy.

Your son sounds like my four year old nephew. He’s very stubborn. When they visited us, we went to the beach. I told him to go over to a rock and stand on it so I could take a photo. He said, “I’ll stand next to the rock.” “No stand on it!” “I’m standing here.” Okay then! 😀

Vern’s nephew REFUSED to talk until he was almost 3. Now he won’t stop! LOL

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