will be paying a visit to school

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Imagine my surprise tonight when my son came home from school with his 4th grade class project of a cookbook with recipes from all the students. And imagine, yes again, my shock when he tells me he doesn’t have a recipe in this cookbook. And, just once more, imagine my anger when he tells me the reason why his, along with 2 other students, recipe isn’t in this cookbook is because they were using a lot of ink to print them. I’m still full of rage.

Seriously, what kind of teacher would tell all her students to bring in a recipe, parents weren’t told why… obviously a surprise, and then not include everyone. There are many ways this could have been done with less ink and I KNOW the school could have bought just one more ink cartridge for the printer. I know when I did this in school we wrote our recipes on paper, all cute and in our handwriting (all the better in 20 years) and then colored our pages. Or she could have ditched the huge border she put around the kids’ recipes and used something simpler. Or she could have had them write them and draw something and then copy them. Anything…. to include ALL the kids.

To make this even worse… some kids have 2, 3 or even 4(!!!) recipes in this book. But 3 other kids were left out. One child in particular I noticed that had 4(!!) recipes was a teacher’s granddaughter (not my son’s teacher, just another teacher in the school).

My son didn’t understand why I was so upset, he said, “Well Mom there’s lots of good recipes in there.” So I tried explaining it in a different way to him. I used the Spring Program as an example, I said, “Imagine if you spent all that time with your class practicing songs and movements and memorizing everything and then program day comes along and the teacher says… “Well, sorry we’re 2 chairs short so you and you don’t get to participate anymore.”” He just doesn’t understand it from a Mom’s side. That little turd even went down to his computer and printed the recipe he’d printed to take to school out again and brought it up and said to add it to the book so I wouldn’t be mad anymore. Problem not solved, sorry little man.

I will be paying a visit to the teacher to tell her this was completely absurd. I’ll do my best to say it in a nice way, but somebody might want to accompany me to the school…. I’m mad. And hurt.


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2 Responses to “will be paying a visit to school”

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That is just wrong in so many ways. How do you leave out just a few kids? Ugh. Let us know what is said!

I would love to accompany you to school, but I’m afraid the plane ticket from California would be too pricy. Can I just send you a can of Whoop-Ass for you to open on her?

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