a scare and a hospital stay

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We had a scare Friday night. Baby ended up in the hospital from a severe case of croup. Doc said there was some other virus, but I can’t remember the name. I guess being scared means I didn’t hear everything, and it was in doctor talk so you know how that goes. We of course end up in ER with the doctor we DO NOT want to end up with. But at least he took care of my baby and all is getting back to normal now.

Thursday night baby was ready to sleep at about 6pm, which is very unusual for him. Not knowing he was really feeling that ill we went to McDonalds after supper for ice cream treats in an effort to keep him awake a bit longer. Bad mistake, we should have let him sleep. After returning home baby was ready for bed and it hit him. He went from normal to looking lifeless in the blink of an eye. We started the cool mist and gave him meds for his fever.

Friday morning he was not active at all. He woke long enough to lay on his pillow and eat a banana with brother and then waited for brother to go to school. He went right back to sleep. This is so unbelievably odd for this child, as you all know how well he sleeps. I called his doctor and spoke with the nurse who said keep giving him the meds for the temp and call her in an hour or so. By that time he’d woke and taken a bath and seemed a little better. Sounded horrible, but was a bit more active. Not his normal self, but enough to make me think he was okay. I couldn’t find my thermometer so I couldn’t take his temp. By the time we got to the ER it was 102.9 or something like that, very close to 103. Poor baby!

Friday night it hit him much harder and he was having trouble taking a breathe. Daddy said lets just take him to ER, which of course led to a crying Mommy. Knowing it was probably good to do, but at the same time scared because nobody wants to be heading to ER with a baby because he’s having a hard time breathing. We called ahead and instead of the normal 20 questions they ask they just said to get there.

A couple shots, blood drawn, x-rays and a couple neb treatments later he was admitted. Doc just didn’t feel comfortable sending him home with his airway restricted that much. He had the croup minus the cough, which was really odd. Poor baby had such a closed off throat that he couldn’t even swallow his own spit so it just all poured out of  him.

That night sucked. I think he got a whole 4 hours of sleep maybe. They wanted him in the croup tent right away but we tried explaining that this kid doesn’t sleep good and doesn’t go down on his own. Our plan was to lay with him, get him to sleep and slide him into the tent. Lot of luck there. Daddy would get him to sleep and the nurse or doc would walk in and either practically yell at us asking if he was asleep and in the tent yet or shine a freakin flashlight right in his eyes to check. So then we’d start all over again. Idiots. We were so frustrated. I think it was midnight before we actually got him to sleep and in the tent. I understand they are probably just checking, but trust me if he’s not breathing good I’ll come find you or push the nurse call button. Whatever the case, I’ll get you in there ASAP.

Saturday day was better, we walked the halls a hundred times and baby was just ready to go home by then. He was bored and felt like crap and just wanted some rest. I couldn’t blame him for being so crabby. We weren’t released until evening. Doc was a total jerk when we left. He was asking US if he was ready to go home. I’m thinking hello idiot YOU’RE the doctor, you tell us if it’s okay to take him home. I don’t want to jepordize anything here, but I do know he’ll be more comfortable at home and at least get some rest. I also asked him if it was okay for the daycare kids to be around him or WHEN it would be okay. All he said was…. Well they’ve already been exposed haven’t they. ACK! He’s such a jerk, he’s the doctor you dread getting if you head to ER.

The next couple nights he was so exhausted he slept for about 12 hours straight. VERY unlike my normal child. You know how I know he was feeling much better last night….. he was awake ALL the time again and playing musical beds again. So he must be getting much better.


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Scary! So glad he is doing better!

OMG! I’m so glad to hear he is ok!!!

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