no “broken” food please

Posted on 3 February 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Baby will not eat food that’s “broken”. Crackers, cereal, etc…. MUST be whole. Today I was letting him have some M & M’s and any that were missing some of the coating were tossed aside and said to be “broken”. He definitely wants his food a certain way. Some things are to be cut, other’s aren’t. Like I just said, food cannot be “broken”. Some things are meant for dipping, others are not. Who would have thought he’d be so weird about food! He’s so picky too. He eats crackers, cereal (this must determined whether or not it is to have milk in it), bread (usually dry and usually hot dog buns are his favorite, I don’t know why), pears, blueberries, chicken nuggets, pasta, grilled cheese (on occasion) and mac-n-cheese and that’s about it. I can’t think of anymore right off the top of my head. As you can see…. he doesn’t eat much. And he’s also still addicted to water and syrup….. warm. Blech! I must try getting this kid to be a better eater. We are usually just excited when he eats anything so we let him have what he wants just to make sure he has some food.


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2 Responses to “no “broken” food please”

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My boy loves deli turkey meat. Sometimes we roll it up with cheese in the middle. Somtimes we just give him a slice or two to eat with macaroni or something. Rarely do we put it in bread, because he doesn’t like it that way! Ha ha! As for foods for “dipping” my boy dips everything! Last night he tried to dip his mangos and peaches in ranch dressing. Yuck!

That is TO cute!!
Aubree loves those little salad ham cubes, you can buy them in packs at the grocery store, and “peezie” hr word for pizza…..she also loves to dip anything, and I mean anything in ranch or ketchup….

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