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I just saw the weirdest thing ever. My little man had crawled up into my lap and fallen asleep (which is weird in itself, cuz he just never does that – but that’s not the weird part I’m talking about). I cuddled him for quite some time and then moved him to the couch where I thought he’d be more comfortable. He slept for maybe 15 minutes (which has been typical lately) and then woke, crawled off the couch, walked into his bedroom (didn’t make a peep mind you), pointed into his crib wanting me to get his pillow (thank goodness I was right there when he got off the couch), which I grabbed along with some more blankets not sure where he was planning on sleeping next and we went back to the living room where I laid the blankets down and he laid down and went back to sleep. Is he sleepwalking?!

At night he plays musical beds also, but it’s going from the floor (where he starts out sleeping), to the couch sometimes (last night I actually caught him sleeping standing next to the couch with his head laid on the couch next to me, maybe he tried waking me up and I didn’t wake?) or sometimes into bed with his Dad. Some nights he’ll end after those few moves and decide being in the bed is a-okay. Other times this continues for at least half the night. He usually seems to sleep best for about the first hour of sleep, maybe 8:30 to 9:30, and then in the wee morning hours, 3 or 4 am til 6:30 or 7 am.

At first I thought maybe he was having night terrors, but he settles down with us holding him or laying by him. Sometimes the settling down part involves the bathroom fan, as usual! ACK! That damn fan, I don’t know what we’d do without that thing.

So then  I thought maybe just nightmares, which he maybe still could be having. BUT…. then after today! I’m wondering if he’s sleepwalking. The weird thing is, he made NO noise today. He makes noise at night, whether it be whimpering/whining or crying hard, he makes noise. So maybe it was just some really weird thing and he was awake and just didn’t have to make noise because I got what he needed right away (and he let me know what he needed right away by leading the way).

I have NO idea what to do with this sleepless little boy. Morning are usually pretty hard because he’s so tired still. I have been getting him to lay down for naps IN his own bed, but today he curled up with me and it was so cute and comfy I let him stay. After he has that nap he’s good for quite some time. Afternoons around 3 or 4 get difficult sometimes. I think he needs another small cat nap then, but no other daycare kids take naps then which means he just can’t settle down and sleep knowing they are all moving about.

A little update on talking, he’s starting to talk WAY more. Every once in a while we even get a two word “sentence”. His climbing is proving to be a challenge every day. I can’t even go to the bathroom anymore without worrying (so usually he goes with me in the bathroom) that he’s walking around on the counter digging in cupboards or climbing my dresser, which I’m terrified is going to tip over on top of him. He’s such a busy boy. And the way he says what sound the kitty and the sheep make are the cutest things ever!

Update on big brother. He’s in the spelling bee again!! WOOT!! 4 years in a row people!! 4 years!!

Baby just woke and he’s the happiest little man again 🙂 Aaaah the joy of him taking a small nap.


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Any updates on the recipe issue?

None, I still haven’t heard back from her and I’m not sure what to do yet. E-mail her a reminder e-mail? Call her? Go to the school? Not sure yet, still thinking. All I know it putting the ball in her court did NOT work, but I’m not surprised. I don’t see her as being the most involved teacher around there. Anyway… I’ll update that when I can.

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