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Posted on 20 February 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Okay I can’t quit thinking about the e-mail from her. Is she yelling at me?? Or is it an excited thing?? I received a one sentence e-mail back saying… she’s found the recipe and will print it off so everyone has a copy for their recipe book. It was followed with an exclamation point. That’s all she said. No hi, no thanks, not signed Ms. (blank). So is she yelling at me?? Did I just totally piss her off? I have no idea, but it’s really bugging me. I guess I’ll just send a nice Thank You note back, thank her for her time and for adding his recipe to the CLASS recipe book. Okay…. so maybe I should capitilize class?? (hehe) See… this is so me, I’m going to end up saying something. HELP!! I’m calling my Zia, she’ll tell me what to say in a thank you back. Because right now I’m going crazy, like I explained the other day.

My e-mail to her this morning said…. Good Morning 🙂 (Yes I put that little smiley guy behind that in my e-mail, cuz I’m nice and sweet like that, haha) Just checking in on this. (Of course the rest of our e-mails are still are there, I just replied again) Thanks, (My name)


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