still not seeing light at the end of the tunnel

Posted on 4 March 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

You know that nasty commercial on tv where the yucky mucus guys make themselves at home in peoples noses or wherever they are? Well the ickies have welcomed themselves into our home and they refuse to leave. It’s been 5-6 weeks now of sickness here. I feel like those little mucus guys are living in our house, but are leaving us with much more than just some mucus. Mmm mmm yummy I know right.

Right before nap time today I was changing little man’s diaper when I noticed some red bumps on the inside of his legs, a couple on his tummy and some on his arms. By the time he woke he had even more. Not knowing if it was chicken pox or just a rash I headed to the health department for answers. I got nothing but a trip around town, stopping at the pharmacist and the doctor’s office and still came out empty handed. Nobody was positive what it was. They said it could be pox, but could be a reaction to the meds he’s taking because he’s taken so much of it in the last month. He took the same med he’s on now when he had the croup a month ago. We left the doctor’s office with some zyrtec and instructions from both the health department and the doctor’s office to go home to a warm bath to see if the spots increased or turned more into blistery chicken pox spots instead of just really big red bumps. We took the zyrtec, we had the bath and now there are many many MANY more bumps. The good thing is, they don’t appear to be bothering him, he’s not itching or anything.

Everything has happened close together so he’s had so many shots and meds and this and that, that who the heck knows what to think. After hearing maybe pox we thought maybe we’d discovered where the fever came from. BUT… the fever was here last Thursday/Friday and now it’s Wednesday. Usually the fever for pox comes about 24 hours before, not days before.

Since I had the youngest one at the doctor’s office I was worried I’d be late picking up my oldest from school. I called a friend and asked her if he could walk to her house and if she would call the school and let him know to do that. She did and the school secretary told her my oldest had been in the office this morning complaining that his neck itched. She took a look and he had a rash there! Now tonight it’s on his face too. It looks nothing like little man’s so they are completely different things.

And after all this started happening and my nerves were completely shot… I broke out in hives myself. Itching like mad.

So don’t mind us… we are each sitting here sipping on a bottle of benadryl for the night. šŸ™‚


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