the whirlwind of events for little man

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I’m seriously not even sure where to start right now. I know… the beginning right? The beginning, I now realize, to these nasty medical problems for my baby start was back at the end of January.

So… back to the beginning we go. Baby got real sick the end of January. Our first visit to ER with a fever and extreme difficulty breathing led to him being admitted with croup and another viral infection. After the couple days of that we left for home with Amoxicillin.

The runny nose and cough never did go away, they’ve been here to stay for all this time now. Although that part is doing much better now.

He received his Hept. A vaccination a few weeks later. That was on a Tuesday. Didn’t have any problems until Thursday when he had a temp of 102. Friday the temp hit 103 and we were back to ER. He received a shot of medicine in the leg to get the fever down asap. And went home again with Amoxicillin.

The following Monday his leg was giving him problems. He’d be running just fine and all of the sudden he’d just fall to the ground holding his leg and screaming. I took him back in because I wasn’t sure if his leg was just sore from the vaccination and then the shot on Friday or if there was something else wrong. I would imagine the leg would be sore, but my gut was telling me to have him checked anyway. I can understand sore and fussy, but falling down screaming and holding it like he was scared the crap outta me. Doctor said he was fine, he was sure it was just sore.

Then Wednesday rolled around… he had a few spots on him. A couple on his neck, a couple on his tummy, some on the inside of his legs and some on his back. My first thought was chicken pox. I took him to the Health Department, then to the pharmacist, and finally to the doctor’s office where we only saw the nurse. Nobody was saying pox and nobody really was sure what it was. Maybe an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin as he’d received so much in such a short while. I was told to take him home, give him  a warm bath to see if any blistered out like chicken pox. But also told that if it’s just a rash of some sort the warm bath may make that spread more also. They continued to multiply but didn’t appear to be itching or anything. The nurse at the doctor’s office sent us home with some Zyrtec to try thinking it was just an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin.

Thursday morning came and we had a little boy covered in spots. Some small, some quarter size. The day went on and there were more and more. He started acting odd, he was off in his own little world and when I tried standing him up he’d fall back into me. He wouldn’t stand, he wouldn’t walk, he wouldn’t even lift up his own sippy cup. He had a fever. Back to the ER I went. Once there I got into a small fight with the nurse who didn’t understand why I didn’t go to my regular doctor. Listen here *!$&*…. I want to be seen NOW. I don’t want to wait. Not sure if you heard me or not, but my baby here…. he can’t freakin walk right now, he has a fever, he’s acting very odd and not responding to me and he’s COVERED in this stuff! Okay…. now that we got that over with, she was nice as could be towards me and got on with business. Not to mention… the doctor that was in ER has been seeing us many times in the last few weeks. He was the same doc who admitted us with the croup. Mmmm kay *!#@!. Phew….

Doctor said right away that he had the HSP. He was amazingly nice (he usually isn’t, his bed side manners are normally HORRIBLE.) and sat with me while I bawled my eyes out and told me about this HSP stuff. He did some blood work and sent us on our way saying there was NOTHING we could do but sit back and watch him and wait it out. It took all I had to leave there with a baby who couldn’t walk and was so odd.

We looked online that night for another doctor and talked to Grandpa (Hubby’s Dad) who’s an ER nurse and Uncle Jay (Daddy’s BIL who’s a doctor). I was absolutely sick thinking WTF… I’m supposed to sit here and watch this baby who’s 20 months old and almost appears to be a 2 month old baby?! We found a pediatrician about a half hour away from us and decided to call the next morning and try getting in there.

Baby puked a little at 4 am, then a couple more times at 6:30 am. He’s was one swollen little boy. Looked like a boxer with his swollen eyes and nose. I called that next morning (Friday morning) and when told there were no openings I kid you not I started begging. I just told them to please listen and maybe just maybe we could squeeze in there somewhere. The nurse talked to doctor and doctor herself called me back not too long after!! YEAH!! Her words to me were… “They didn’t give him anything! And they don’t have him in the hospital watching him?!” I said they told us there was nothing to do and just take him home and watch him. She said they should have never let him out without giving him the steroids and they should have been watching him themselves. How bout that punch to the gut! She said to get him there asap.

Daddy luckily had somebody to cover for him at work and headed this way while I packed us up. We got there and got in immediately. This is where the real fun starts. And by real fun, I mean… us learning LOTS of info and learning stuff we didn’t know about that we SHOULD have known about.

This woman was amazing, I couldn’t say enough about her. She calmed baby, she played with bubbles to help him not worry about anything else, she used tongue depressors and stuck stickers to them for him to hold. She was awesome. I felt at ease the second we walked into that office. Everybody was so wonderful and caring.

She agreed with the HSP right away, BUT said he had more going on that just that and she knew that from just walking in the door and saying hello. And bad me can’t remember the name of it. He had the HSP, but then had something else going on on his face. We started the whole story over from the beginning for her so she knew everything that’d gone on for the last few weeks, starting with the croup.

I also took my camera with so I had pics from the very first spot I found. She downloaded all the pics so she could see how this all progressed from day one. She took one look at those and said he also had Staph Infection!! Nobody caught it here. And she found that from the picture. She asked her nurse to call our hospital and have all his records faxed over so she could see all this for herself also. At the ER appointment where he had the fever of 103… they had taken x-rays and thought maybe he had the beginning to pneumonia. We had told her that. Later as she read she said he already HAD pneumonia… back when he had the croup and had been admitted!!!! Not one single person ever told us he had pneumonia also!!

That day back when we left the hospital I asked if he was ready to go home and the doctor asked ME if I thought he was ready. I wanted to punch the jerk and say you’re the damn doctor. YOU tell ME if he’s ready to go home. Now I look back and had I KNOWN he had pneumonia ALSO…. I would have NEVER taken that baby home that day.

So we’ve got pneumonia AND staph we knew nothing about! Two deadly things if not taken care of.

Anyway… she checked baby all out, gave him the steroid drink he needed and put a bag on him to catch some urine to check his kidneys. Something else the doctors here never did. They talked about how the kidneys could be damaged from this, but never checked them. After the steroid drink, you should have seen him improve! It was amazing!! He was standing again and starting to walk some more. He was still very sore, it wasn’t a miracle drug, but it helped tremendously. And after catching some urine and checking his kidneys, which are okay she sent us on our way and told us the things to watch for. Gave us her CELL number and said to call anytime, day or night. And we’ve already called her today. She cares. She really, really cares.

Most of the rash is gone today besides his legs. His legs are still very swollen and he wouldn’t walk again today. But his feet are also very swollen and the whole thing is just painful. I talked to her today about it and she had me give him a couple more things that helped him so much. He walked and played for a couple hours. Now later this evening and tonight he wasn’t wanting to walk again. But I feel better knowing the pain meds helped him and he’s just hurting. He CAN walk and will be better soon, it’s just too sore to walk right now. I remember having swollen feet during pregnancy, it DOES hurt to walk on them.

His legs are still very purple, which is what happens with HSP. You turn purple. His tummy and back aren’t purple like they were anymore, so that’s a good sign. The rash IS going away after the steroids. We’ll be going back Monday to see her again and just get him all checked out to make sure he’s doing okay. His immune system is really down right now and we need to make sure he doesn’t get any infection. Because his immune system just isn’t fighting anything right now.

I’m sure I’m missing stuff here, but I’m beyond exhausted and just wanted to let you guys know the story. He’s very sore, but doing better. At least he’s communicating with us and not seeming so out in space. He’s having major trouble getting around which obviously frustrates him as one could only imagine. I’ve carried him most of the time and we’ve spent some time on the floor playing. We’ve also spent countless hours rocking in the bathroom. That’s HIS place… his quiet zone… his resting spot… his calming spot… it does so much for him. That bathroom… who woulda thought! haha But whatever works right now. And I thought he was a spoiled little momma’s boy before! HA I don’t even know the half of it yet. hehe


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3 Responses to “the whirlwind of events for little man”

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So glad you finally got complete answers and are working with a doctor who cares.

Hope he feels better soon!

Sorry to hear about all you & your cute little baby have been going through. Pediatricians and regular doctors are usually so much better than hospitals and urgent care facilities. You are not just a case they are trying to finish up with. I hope he continues to get better.

BIIIG hugs.

Silas was sent home by the doctor once and told he has asthma and it was really RSV. His breathing got worse and worse and worse and when I went to get the drug the doc had recommended, he was too young to take it. I took him to a walk in and the doc there was like “this is RSV, get him to the emergency and I’ll page the Pediatrician” He ended up spending two nights in the hospital, he should have been there for about 4 or 5 if the doc had recognized it. It was one simple test. He redeemed himself by visiting Silas every morning in the hospital. I love the guy to bits, but that was dangerous.

Sorry the doctors sucked so bad. It’s SO hard to hear when you’re not getting the care you need because doctors are too effing lazy.

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