scaredy cats

Posted on 10 March 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I have three scaredy cats in this house and I’m one of them. We’ve got the baby who’s suddenly scared of the bath tub. My 10 year old who’s scared of his bedroom in the basement. And me… I’m scared of the nasal spray.

So… the baby (actually 20 months, but he’s MY baby)… scared to death of the bath tub. I don’t know what brought it on. It used to be he’d hear that heater turn on and the water turn on and he’d grab his towel and head for the tub. If you didn’t let him in, he’d pitch a huge fit. Now, we can’t get him in. Last night I MADE him take a bath. While I was getting the water just right he grabbed his diaper, socks and shirt. Yelled “GO” at me as loud as he could, opened the door and ran to my bedroom. It was dark in there and I think he thought he could hide in there. We survived the bath, but it’s driving me crazy that I don’t know why he’s scared all of the sudden. Since he’s started this he’s taken a bath at Gramma and Papa’s house one time. We took him there tonight to see if he’d take a bath for Gramma. BUT we were there too so maybe he wouldn’t get in because we were there. Guess once I’m feeling comfortable leaving him alone again I’ll send him over there to try with Gramma alone.

And my 10 year old… He’s always loved his room downstairs, he wanted to go down there and said he’d love it and wouldn’t be scared. I’m blaming his buddies who have stayed here. They are convinced EVERY building in the town is haunted. And one kid kept talking about how the spirits are haunting them, but they only haunt little kids because adults don’t believe and kids do. And the other night his dvd player was doing some freaky things I guess. The door kept opening and closing on it’s own. I say someone was sleeping on the remote, but they say it was far away. So he’s now sleeping in the recliner upstairs for the time being. He’s used the excuse that his bed wasn’t made because I’d washed the sheets and it got too late to make it, but he’ll use that excuse now forever I think. And he’s purposely “forgetting” to make his bed.

And then there’s me… the Mom who’s terrified of nasal spray. I actually had some tears before trying it the other night for the very first time in my life. Doctor said it’d help my ear, along with some other meds. I have this fear that I’m going to suffocate on it and die. It’s like inhaling chlorine water! And my Zia said I’d feel so refreshed and clean. Forget that!! It leaves this awful smell in your nose and the taste is horrible too. The smell/taste is like inhaling some nasty fumes. ACK! I don’t know how people do this!! I’m going to write a will….


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