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Posted on 12 March 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I’ve figured out little man isn’t scared of his room, he just DOES NOT like the crib. Maybe there will be another wee little one to use it someday. 🙂 My oldest son has bunk beds so I borrowed the mattress off his bottom bunk since he doesn’t need it and brought it to little man’s room. He fell asleep on his big boy bed last night (for half the night anyway, but I’ll take that!) and it happily taking a nap there again now! He also LOVED getting to have big brother’s old Spongebob sheets and sleeping in his new Micky pjs. Whatever works man. No more beds on the living room floor!! HOORAY!!

He’s also been waking at night every couple hours to drink another cup of water and syrup. Yesterday you should have seen what that kid ate! Maybe he’d growing, so he’s been waking up hungry but just drinking to make it through the night. Yesterday he ate approximately 1/2 a pound of pasta, a couple eggs, a waffle, some grapes, crackers, part of a pop tart and I don’t know how much juice and water. That’s what I can remember off the top of my head. And last night he only woke once and that was to come into bed with us. This little man definitely keeps me guessing.

More good news! Big brother slept in his room last night. First he said he might sleep up here because he’d just made his bed and he didn’t want to mess it up. It’s hard making bunk beds so he wanted to just leave it. haha Then he asked his little brother if he needed him to sleep with him since it was his first night in his big boy bed. All he got outta that was his little brother wanting him to come play on his new bed in his room. hehe In the end, I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he was sleeping in his own room. So hopefully this means he’s not scared anymore! YEAH!! I told him if he got freaked out in the night to come back up, but he was still down there this morning. PHEW. We are taking leaps and bounds here with everything.

As for me… I’ve been using the nasal spray. It takes me a bit before I’ll squirt it, some deep breathes and maybe, just maybe a small pep talk. 🙂 I still think my Zia is INSANE for telling me it’d make me feel refreshed and clean. Inhaling something that I can only compare to inhaling chlorine water DOES NOT make me feel refreshed. YUCK! I’ve had a few very small pops in my ears so I hope it’s working. Not sure how much longer I can handle this stuff.


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