did we create a new problem…

Posted on 13 March 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Sorry for all the posts today. Baby is napping and I’m cleaning house. I tend to think even more when I’m cleaning. You know how some people who are really angry will start cleaning… well I start cleaning and then start thinking and then get some kind of emotional 🙂 haha I’m so backwards. Speaking of backwards… I found someone else in this world who puts their toilet paper on the roll just like me! hahahaha

Anyway…. wow… back on track lady. So the night before I posted about finally getting baby in the tub we had stopped at Gramma and Papa’s house because since this all started he had taken a bath there one night. Thinking maybe he’d do it again we stopped to try. He wanted NOTHING to do with that bathtub. He ended up just playing for a while and then we left.

Last night the boys were going to hang out there while we ran some errands. I took them both inside, shut the door and little man started waving to go back outside. I set him down asking him if he wanted to stay at Gramma’s and he opened the door and walked to the other side of the car and wanted back in his seat. Soooo…….. did we just create a new problem and now he won’t want to go to Gramma and Papa’s because he’ll think everybody will try to make him take a bath??!!!

He has had a bath everyday. A few tears but nothing too major. I’m pretty dang positive he’s just scared to death to pee without a diaper on. He hit that warm water today, started peeing and was screaming as usual. We drained the little water that was in there, started over, hurried to scrub up and got out. Got a diaper on and he peed right away!! He’s scared of that THING! It squirts and freaks him out!! hahaha What to do…

Some totally random news… Remember my little budget I’m so obsessed with?? Well my little obsession with that has now gotten us CREDIT CARD FREEEEEEEEEE!!! That’s right people, NO more credit cards!! WOOT!! We even went out for pizza and the boys played some video games to celebrate.


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I can’t believe he’s afraid of his pee-pee! That is rather cute since as they get older, they seem to be come obsessed with it. 😉

Way to go on the budget! My husband and I are doing the same thing, with the same goal in mind!

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